Christina Payne

Christina Payne is Liam's twin sister, minus the 2 years between them. Though she is as mature as a 30 year old, she's more sneaky than Louis Tomlinson. Liam takes her on tour with her, in attempt to spend more time with his youngest sister. In a strange way, the two are exactly the same, but completely different at the same time. Christina goes on tour causing a whole load of trouble... Including pranks, relationships, home wrecking, fights, arguments, and a small amount of illegal business. Who knew a Payne could be such a Pain?


3. Chapter 3: Troublesome.

"Oh. My. Gosh. Praise Jace Wayland and his existence, my life just got 10 times better. Fu-"


I looked up. Everyone was looking at me, Harry in specific with laser green eyes. I shut my mouth and put my phone away. Hesitantly, I must say, I had just ordered City of Fallen Angels on line and I could seriously die right now. Oh my gosh. Though I really wanted to scream, there were serious matters going on.


"I did something wrong, didn't I?"


I asked. Harry shrugged.


"No!" Sarcastic tone. "But there is this hilarious video of me puking and embarrassing myself."


I bit my lip.


"Oh! And do you know what makes it better? It's on instagram."


And I burst out laughing. You gotta admit, it was funny. But no one else found it funny, not even Louis or Niall! They thought it was funny at the time. I pouted.


"Naw come on! It's not like it's a big deal. It's cool letting your fans get the behind the scenes scoop on your lives. Especially since you have your movie and stuff. It's just, I get to give them the cool stuff."


I tried to reason. I looked at Niall for help, but he shook his head, and his ocean eyes were begging me to stop. So I did. Simon let out a sigh.


"I can see what you mean, Christina. And just because I know you mean no harm, I'm going to let you off."


Said Simon and I smiled.


"Thank's Mr. Cowell!"


I exclaimed.


"What?! That's not right! She shouldn't have done that! She should have talked to me first, and if I said she could, which I wouldn't have, then she should have done it."


Harry blasted.


"I've gotta agree with Harry here, Mr. Cowell. I know she's my sister, but that's not right."


Said Liam. I shrunk into my seat, pouting slightly.


"C'mon guys… We all know what she's like. She didn't mean to cause any trouble, didn't you Chrissy?"


Niall defended me. I shook my head, thanking him silently with my eyes.


"See? She didn't mean it."


Said Simon.


"Okay guys, that's it for the day."


Simon dismissed all of us before anyone could argue, and we quickly scurried out of his office. But as soon as I got out, my ears were being clipped and I was being dragged away by Liam. I winced and whined the whole way down. Ugh. These boys hate me.


"Ow, ow, ow, ow. Let me go!" 


I exclaimed. Finally pulling Liam's hand away.


"Apologize to Harry now."


Liam ordered. I frowned.


"For what? It was payback!"


I stepped back from him. Harry appeared from behind Liam and smirked. That bastard has the cheek…


"The picture of you wasn't even that bad Chris, hurry up and apologize."


I shook my head.


"Have you seen the comments? They're all sympathizing for him! There's nothing wrong with it! I bet ya' it'll end up on E! News."


I said. I ruffled my messy hair, that was currently out, falling down my back like a chocolate waterfall.


"It's embarrassing."


Muttered Harry.




Warned Liam again. I buttoned my lips.


"Christina Aubrey Payne if you don't apologize right now, I will personally-"


"Woah there, Liam. Just hold on with the threats for now. Let me talk to her."


Niall jumped to my defense. I swear he's helped me so many times, I probably would have been killed by Liam a while ago. I always seem to get myself in trouble. It's weird, don't you think? Liam, the sweet, mature, good one that always does things right. Then you get me, the naughty, troublesome, sneaky, smart, cunning, cheeky, childlike girl that always seems to turn things into something funny, yet I'm still as innocent and good as Liam. But it's always my fault. Then you get my sisters. Normal and perfect. Ugh, they're so lucky.


"Babe, Chris. Shit head! Chrissy!!"


Niall was waving his hand in front of my face. I shook the deep thought off and stared at Niall.




"You were daydreaming again."


I chuckled slightly. I checked behind Niall to see everyone had left. Next thing I knew, I was being pulled along Niall's side. Heading towards the elevator this time. There was a short silence between us, and at first, I thought he was going to let me off. But I was wrong.


"You need to apologize to Harry, Chris."


I groaned.


"But I did nothing wrong!!"


I pulled a mini tantrum for him, hoping he'd let it go.


"It doesn't matter. Harry's upset about it. I know you were just being a dick, like you usually are. But Harry takes your jokes a lot more seriously."


Niall explained. I sighed.


"Fine! But only because you told me to, and I love you."


I said, leaning up and placing a warm kiss to his cheek. He smiled, kissing the top of my head after I returned to standing on my feet properly.


"Thanks Chris, I love you too."


When the doors opened we raced to the car, and this time I lost. Fortunately we didn't make a bet, so it was just, if you win, you win. And Niall won. Zayn was in the drivers, as usual, Louis in the passenger, Liam at the back of Zayn, and I was shoved at the back with Harry. Shit. I sat there quietly, pretending to be cluelesss. I really didn't want to apologize. So I went for my phone and-


"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit."


I muttered to myself, vigorously searching my pockets, which were empty. Then I saw Niall.


"Niall. Phone. Now."


He turned around to me and winked. Somehow the sneaky asshole stole my phone without me noticing. I could have sworn I had put it in my pocket… Wait, no… No, I didn't. I left it on the table in Simon's office. Dammit! I'm so dumb!


"You know, I realized how much you love All Time Low. So I decided. If I deleted everything you have that is related to them…"


"Fuck Niall, if you do that. I will hate you more than I hate The Wanted right now. I'm serious Niall. Don't you fucking dear."


I spat. Niall just grinned, scrolling through my phone.


"You know what to do."


I did. But I wouldn't do it. I was quite stubborn and even though I told him I would, I'd expect him to give me a little time to think about it. After a while I sighed.


"I'm sorry Harry for posting that stupid, yet hilarious video on Instagram. It was wrong of me and I should have talked with you first."


Harry smiled, nodding his head while I talked. I waited for his reply. I really hoped he accepted, especially since Niall was threatening me with my phone. That was cold, he knew how much I loved my phone. Especially the songs on the phone.


"It's fine Chris. You're forgiven."


I let out a sigh of relief and knocked Niall in the head.




"Hey, why do you have Taylor Swifts number?"




"Um… Don't get mad, but after you," I pointed to Harry, "introduced us. We swapped numbers and kept in contact."


They nodded. Truth be told, they couldn't care less. But still, it could be awkward. Especially for Harry. Niall gave back my phone, and I carefully placed it in my pocket. I was quite protective over my phones. Mostly because a lot of them broke.


"I know you guys don't give two shits about her, but she's flown me over to see her every now and then. Sometimes Ed would pick me up and take me, or she'd even come to see me."


I explained quickly.


"Oh, okay."


Replied Niall.


"Um… One. She keeps taking the piss out of our relationship, so why are you still talking to her? And two. Why didn't Ed tell me?"


Harry asked curiously.


"I think it's cool how she's doing that. I mean, she's never done that with anyone. So that must mean something. I talk to her because she's cool, or am I not allowed to talk to cool people? And I told Ed if he told any of you I'd cut his balls off."


I explained quickly. Taylor was a real nice girl, and I understand the ex's war thing, but gosh. It's like I can't talk to any of his ex's. Not that I do, only Taylor. Harry scoffed.


"I can't believe he believed you would do that."


He said. I glared.


"Hey, I may not have the guts to remove a body part, but I do have the guts to prank the shit out of you. So ​don't test me."


I warned. He bit his lip and looked away, immediately shutting his mouth and averting from the topic.


"Okay, so why?"


Asked Louis. I grinned.


"They've been helping me with some stuff… Which they both have great experience with."


I replied, grinning out the window.


"What stuff? You don't do anything! So why would they be helping you with stuff"


Liam used his hands to do quotation marks on the word "stuff." I shrugged, trying to act cool, but failing.


"​Well…" I paused. "Taylor and I have been writing songs… And Ed kinda tagged along with the ride. It's been awesome!"


I answered with that silly smile on my lips. I'm not gonna lie, I am proud of what we've done. All the boys eyes were wide, and even Niall, who claimed he knew everything about me, didn't expect that.


"You write songs?"


I nodded with that huge smile as soon as Niall spoke. He grinned, his ocean eyes shining in the bright sunlight. Since he got his teeth done, his smile is just great, but I do miss his crooked teeth and even his braces! He was the cutest thing, but he hated his crooked teeth and the braces.


"That's amazing, Chris! I'm so proud of you!"


Said Niall. I thanked him and waited for Liam's response.


"I've gotta say, I didn't expect that. But it's probably the best news I've ever heard come out of your mouth since you were 12 and you told me you'd buy me a house when we grew up."


Liam said. I bit my lip, blushing slightly at the memory. Obviously Liam would be the one to buy me a house, but I was 12 and I had big plans for myself. I had everything set to be a journalist. Then I actually tried the job out and realized how much I wouldn't like editing things for hours and hours, as well as researching. I wasn't one to research. So all my plans failed, and now I'm still trying to figure myself out.


"Thanks Liam!"


I exclaimed. Then everyone went on to their own conversation, while Harry and I sat silently in the back. I decided to check my twitter and talk to all the fans, just to see how they are.


"Hey guys! How are you?? I'm curious! Just driving to Liam's with the boys ;) Lemme know what ur up to guys!!"


In a matter of minutes I had hundreds of replies, retweets and favorites. It was insane how much people actually cared about what I talked about. One time I tweeted 'Beep bop boo boo pop' and everyone was like '​what??' and they were just so cute and funny, or they'd ask how I was, or how the boys were. It was so sweet. Directioners really were the best fans in the world. I spent the next half hour replying to everyone, it's a long drive to Liam's. Then we got home.


'Sorry guys! But that's it for today! I'll try my best to keep you updated! Until next time #ChrissylovesDirectioners'


Was my quick goodbye. After everyone filed out of the car, quickly taking their bags into Liam's house and falling onto the couches and whatever comforter there was in the room. I left for my room. Fortunately the walls were painted purple and the carpet was the softest grey wool I had ever set foot on. The bed looked like a queen with red duvet and white sheets and pillows, there was a closet and brown wooden drawers. It was perfect.


"I had it done perfectly for you. I even got the same kind of bed as the one from home. It might not be as comfortable, but it's all I could find."


Liam had told me when he walked in. I smiled up at him and quickly embraced him in a tight hug.


"It's fantastic, Liam! Thank you so much! You're the best brother in the world!"


I exclaimed. He grinned waving me off.


"I know!"


He winked at me. I laughed, and out of no where I started feeling extremely sick. I quickly ran to the -what I was hoping to be- bathroom, -and lucky it was- and threw up in the toilet. In seconds, Liam was at my side, pulling my hair back and reassuring me that I'd be okay. After a while I rested on Liam's chest. I had started crying like I usually did when I was reminded about my sickness. Liam reassured me that everything was okay, rubbing my back and pulling my hair out of the way. 

"It's okay, Chris. You're okay. I've got you… I've got you…"

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