Christina Payne

Christina Payne is Liam's twin sister, minus the 2 years between them. Though she is as mature as a 30 year old, she's more sneaky than Louis Tomlinson. Liam takes her on tour with her, in attempt to spend more time with his youngest sister. In a strange way, the two are exactly the same, but completely different at the same time. Christina goes on tour causing a whole load of trouble... Including pranks, relationships, home wrecking, fights, arguments, and a small amount of illegal business. Who knew a Payne could be such a Pain?


1. Chapter 1: Goodbyes & Hello's

"Smack! And the girl was thrown all the way across the town, out of my room, and into her own room."


I exaggerated to my little niece, Becca, who was currently listening to my story. I was waiting for Liam at home to come and pick me up. I was moving in with him today... He said he had a house in London, but he's going to be on tour a few days afterwards. Which meant I was going with him. Dammit. I was hoping to have the house to myself... I guess not.


"And that's what happens when you touch things in my room."


I looked down at my niece, her hazel eyes wide, mouth hung slightly agape as she listened to my story. I wanted to laugh, she looked so cute, mostly funny, but kept a straight face... For her sake.


"Is that story true, Christy?"


Becca asked, a little bit frightened.


"Yep." I said with full confidence. "It happened to the last kid that touched my things, and snuck into my room without asking..."


I know it's wrong to lie, but I couldn't help it. I know she took the chocolate on my desk! I know it! Becca was now shaking, and darted out of the room, disappearing down the hallway. I laughed loudly, only to receive a roll of the eyes from my mother. Mum was reading a book, To Kill A Mockingbird. What a boring book to read...


"You shouldn't scare her like that, she's only 3."


Said my mother, her eyes intent on her book. I wondered how she could talk to me and still be able to read. When I read, I have to be fully interested in it, otherwise you might as well send me to school. Oh wait, I'm 18. No college for me either! I shrugged, waving her off.


"She's a devil child, mother."


I said as if it were true. Mum only chuckled, knowing that was, at least, half true. Becca was probably the sneakiest child in the family. No doubt one day she'll turn out to be so much mischief, that she'll be sent to Mum and Dad to take care of. That's what they always do...


"Besides, by the time Liam gets here, I'd have my chocolates."


I winked. Mum shook her head, but said no more. The TV was on, but nothing interesting, only advertisements about rubbish products. Mum always fell for those... I can't tell you how many useless products Mum has wasted our money on... If she hadn't bought all those poorly advertised rubbish, we could have had a flatscreen TV by now. But no, we're stuck with the old one. No matter how much Liam tell's Mum to get a flash new one, she won't listen to her precious baby. Drama Queen.


Ruth and Nicola have moved out, and though I should have too... I just got out of school. I was still trying to figure out what I was to do with my unconventional life. Mind you, I was going to live with Liam, so... Technically, I have moved out. Just to move in with my brother and irritate him. That sounds like so much fun! I left the living room after a while, and went to my room. When I got in, I noticed the dairy chocolate bar was on my desk, just as it was last time.


"The little rat believed me."


I mumbled to myself. I grabbed the chocolate smiling when I noticed most of it was still in there. I don't know why she thought she oughtta steal my chocolate anyway, she doesn't even like it. She hates caramel chocolate, it gets all over her fingers, and she just cry's, for hours. Becca was my cousins daughter, but she came over almost every week to see her favorite Aunt Christy. I fell back on my bed with a soft umf, soaking my body into the soft cloud-like comforter. My bed had to be the best bed in the house, it was so soft and warm, and comfortable... I swear I've been sleeping on a cloud for almost 6 years now.


I closed my bedroom door, and plugged my phone into the speaker, blasting Weezer, while I danced around my room. The song Buddy Holly came on, and I sung along to the words, jumping around my room, enjoying whatever moments I had left with it. I had so many memories in this room, it was ridiculous. I had my first kiss in this room, this is where I did my homework, it's where I cried myself to sleep, and spent hours comforting myself so no one knew I had been crying. This is where my ex use to sneak in, and just lie next to me. This is where I kicked Liam's ass at wrestling, and beat Nicola at Pokemon. This is where I snuck out of my room, pretending I was studying, but I was really out with a couple friends. This place held so many secrets, I'm not sure if I want to leave it here after all. If I could, I'd ask Liam to take my room with me... But that'd be a bit extreme...


"I don't care 'bout that!"


I sung, air drumming the last bit. Then I spun around, and to my surprise. Liam was there. I jumped back, squealing a little in fright. I put a hand on my chest, breathing heavily, whilst Liam errupted in a roar of laughter.


"Liam!" I scolded. "You scared me to death!"


He was leaning on his knee's trying to catch his breath from laughing. Gee, don't I have a nice brother. He's not as cute and protective about his youngest sister now, is he? That stupid "Daddy Direction" nickname is such a fake.


"You should have seen your face! It was priceless!" He breathed in a big breath, releasing a smaller one. "Now, I'd like a hug from my twin sister, please." He said with all seriousness. I grinned and jumped onto his torso. He caught me with ease, picking me up and holding me tightly against his body. I rubbed my hands over his recently cut hair, hugging him with all my might.


"I missed you..."


I breathed. He pulled my body off of him, setting me down safely on the ground.


"I wasn't gone as long as I usually was, Chris... I would have thought you'd be sick of me by the time I left."


He teased, walking over to my phone, and turning down the music. I had an iPhone 4s. I paid for it myself, before any of you jump to conclusions. I do have a job. Well, I had a job. I'll have to find a new one in London.


"Sick of my twin brother? Pfft! Never!"


I said over dramatically, grabbing my phone, chocolate and jacket. He rolled his eyes and waited for me to leave the room.


"Well that's good to know. Because you're stuck with me for now."


He said. I smiled nodding my head.


"I wouldn't have it any other way."


I replied before taking one last look at my room. Liam and I made it a race to the front door. Whoever got there first, got shotgun. We dodged all the toys and crap in the way, maneuvering around the house. But I went a different way, when Liam went through the kitchen, I went around. Soon enough, I was at the door, breathlessly waiting for him. When he arrived he was smiling, but once he saw me, his smile dropped.


"Dammit! How did you get here so quick! You're lazy as hell!"


He exclaimed, being sure not to cuss while we were at home. I bet, by the time we're out of Mum's earshot, he'd be swearing.


"Actually, I'm pretty fit for someone as lazy as me."


I defended myself.


"Plus, you went the long way. I took the shortcut."


I pointed to the way I came from, and he just groaned, mumbling incoherent words under his breath. My bags weren't at the door, so they were probably in the car already, which I saw, was parked right in front of the house, Zayn in the front seat. Though the black Range Rover had tinted windows, I could see three other boys in the back.


"Wait, are we going on a road trip to London?"


I asked curiously. Liam nodded.


"Yeah, we thought it'd be cool. That's why it's 10:20-"


"Sorry Mrs. Payne, but we have to go. Paul is gonna kill us if we're late, again."


Zayn called out of the car. Mum shouted an 'okay', before calling Dad and Becca over.


"Oh! Hi Christy!"


Zayn piped. I chuckled, waving out to him. I turned back around, and saw Dad and Becca were hugging Liam goodbye. As per usual, Mum was on the verge of tears. I quickly hugged her, seeing as she's already hugged Liam. We muttered quiet 'I love you''s, and wished each other the best. Afterwards it was Dad, who strangely enough, was crying just as much. I was always a Daddy's girl. So it made sense, seeing his baby girl leave must be hard. Then it was Becca's turn, who was pretty easy. She didn't quite understand what was going on, just that I was going away with Liam. So she hugged me, and kissed me goodbye. I had to run to the front door, because Liam was about to trick me, and take it for himself. Luckily, I got Becca to distract Liam for a second.


"Christina! Argh! You little slime!!"


He yelled muttering a goodbye to our family. I jumped into the front seat, grinning.


"Hey! Keep it G rated Liam! There are children here!"


I scolded teasingly. He rolled his eyes, and jumped in the backseat, with Harry, Niall and Louis.


"Bye Mum, Dad, Becca! I'll call you, uh, tomorrow!"


I waved wildly. They waved back, then Becca started crying once she realized that I was actually leaving her with my parents. Poor Becca, she's sneaky and evil as heck, but she's so slow to catch up.


"There's only one child Chris."


Stated Liam.


"No, 6. See, one, two, three, four, five,"


I was pointing to the boys. Harry was staring like a dimwad out the window, and Niall was practically glaring at his phone, he was playing Angry Birds. Louis was watching Niall, and Zayn was driving. 


"Then Becca."


I finished. Louis looked up to me, eyebrows raised.


"Excuse me love? But you're the youngest out of all of us. That'd make you a child too."


Said Louis. I scoffed, rolling my eyes.


"My maturity levels is twice of Liam's."


I stated as a-matter-of-fact. It was true, we even got it tested. I don't know why, everyone knows I'm very mature for my age.


"Yeah, but your slimy ways are just as bad as Louis, Harry, and Niall's combined."


Said Zayn. I glared.


"How do you know?"


"Because you can see it. You're so sneaky, you could easily prank Louis, and he'd never see it coming. And he always see's it coming."


Zayn replied, keeping his eyes on the road, only turning to me every now and then.


"I don't prank. Pranks are for children."


I said it in Mum's tone, from the many times I was caught pranking. I haven't pranked anyone in years...


"Well, you will be soon. I've got some big plans for us two!"


Cheered Louis. Liam glared furiously.


"Keep her out of trouble, Lou."


Liam warned. But Louis just waved him off.


"I'm sure she'll get in enough trouble herself. I won't even have to try."


He replied, turning his attention back to Niall's phone.


"You're right," said Liam, turning his attention to me, "you stay out of trouble." He warned, this time to me. This time I waved him off.


"Don't be such a Payne, Liam. I won't cause so much trouble. Just a little pranks here and there, maybe a couple parties. No worries..."


I smirked. Liam grunted, but left it.


"Anyway," I changed the topic, "how are you boys? It's been so long!"


Zayn was the first to speak up, making a right turn down some street. I had just noticed how cold it was today, snow falling down the tree's, covering the streets, and well everything outside. People were wearing their warm and cozy winter clothes, even people in the car. I love Winter.


"I've been good. Coming back from Japan with the-"


Zayn suddenly stopped.


"I've always wanted to go to Japan! It would be amazing! It's one of the... Wait."


I looked around at the boys. Louis and Niall still hadn't taken their eyes away from the phone, this time Louis was on the phone. Liam was avoiding my gaze, and Harry was grinning towards me, causing Liam to slap his head. Zayn on the other hand, awkwardly scratched his neck.


"You guys went to Japan, didn't you?"


I asked. Zayn slowly nodded his head, and I groaned.


"Liam! I told you to take me with you! You know how much I wanted to-"


"We're going to France in April, and Italy in May. I thought you'd rather want to go there. You can do whatever you'd like there. I promise."


Liam interrupted me. I showed a huge smile, already exciting for the tour, that hasn't even started yet.




I piped and turned back to the front. I turned up the radio, but nothing interesting was on. Besides Grimmy, but I wanted music, not spokespeople. So I found a CD in my bag, and slipped it in.


"Who has CD's anymore?"


Asked Harry. I glared at him through the rear view mirror.


"Me, dimwit. You never know when they'll come in handy."


I shot at him. Harry put his hands up in defense, buttoning up his lips, as he looked away.


"Hey Chris. Sorry I didn't say Hi before. This game sucks cock."


Niall grumbled at the end. I chuckled, waving him off.


"It's fine. It's not like you had to."


I replied. He smiled, taking his belt off, and slapping a wet kiss on my cheek. I cringed, wiping the moisture off of my cheek, then onto Zayn. Who only chuckled.


"It's cool you're coming on tour with us. We're gonna have so much fun!"


He said, sitting back in his seat, and buckling himself in.


"I bet! Niall and Chris! Back together again!"


I cheered.


"Dynamic Duo! Reunited!! Yay!!!"


He played with me. I am probably closer to Niall, than I am with anyone else in the band. Besides Liam. Niall and I have gotten up to so much mischief together, you'd think we were 16 year old teenagers. Mind you, that's what we were like together. Forever young, was how we thought. Don't get me wrong, I get along with all of the boys. So much, I consider them brothers.  But Niall and I are just that perfect combination. There's nothing wrong with the rest of them, like Louis and I have done so many pranks together, Liam had to separate us once. I love shopping with Zayn, he's always cool to hang out with. We usually just hit a movie, but we always intend to shop. Harry, oh Harry. He's one of those boys you just love till the end of day, but at the same time you wanna slap some sense into him. He's too cute to be whatever those people are saying. His mother raised him to be a gentleman, and that's exactly what he is. He's kind, loving, and so caring that sometimes, I just can't believe it. But he's such an idiot. I kind of think, despite Niall's blond hair, Harry is the blond of the group.


"Hey, hey. I wanna be apart of this too! Us single's should stick together."


Harry butted in. I bit my bottom lip and held in a chuckle.


"Okay, mate. We'll be the three musketeers. But if you get a girlfriend, you're out of the team."


Said Niall. I chuckled, knowing he was only kidding. Soon enough, one of us were going to date someone. We just didn't know who. But the other three older ones, with their perfect relationships and all the business. Pathetic.


"Yeah, I can't wait to start tour! It's going to be awesome!"


I exclaimed, jumping excitedly in my seat. I noticed that a Justin Bieber song was on, Beauty and the Beat. My favorite song... I started singing to it, and all the boys joined. It was a good song. Then I poked my head out the window, letting the cold air hit my face.


"Goodbye Wolverhampton! Hello World!"


Hey ho! Thanks for reading, this is really just for fun. So if you like it, read it. Don't expect the next chapter to be up soon, I'm really just messing around. I have a real 1D fanfic coming out... Um... Soon... It's much more organized than this one, and properly written. But hey, lemme know what you think!! Byeeeee!

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