Falling Hard

Five friends meett five interesting boys. This is an Janoskians fanfic.


2. Good or bad.

Hey. :) Hey guys so this is what the girls look like okay.


Brodie- Tall, long, Brown hair purple tips, skinny blue/green eyes.

Daria- Short, long, blonde/brown hair with blonde streaks, skinny, blue eyes.

Hannah- short, long, light brown hair, skinny, blue eyes.

Lora- short, long dark brown hair, skinny, brown/green eyes.


Sharni- short/tall, long brown hair with natural streaks of blonde, skinny, dark brown eyes.








We were all talking not noticing anyone or anything around but our selves until some crap shit hole dumb fuck thought it would be funny to take one of my nuggets and run off. Oh hell no. "Oi mcdick that's my fucking mcnugget!" I screamed while running after him with the girls not far behind me.



I chased him through the mall until he ran down a alley way. "Got you know nugget stealer." I whispered to myself. I know what you’re thinking it a nugget yada yada yada. But it's my nugget and I'm hungry. And no one fucking steals my food. That's like trying to take a lion cub away from its mother. You don't do it.



Anyway I ran down the alley way to see 5 boys laughing at each other. My friends soon caught up. "Brodie calm down. Were is he?" Hannah asked. "There." I said pointing to the group of boys laughing. Myself and my friends walked up to the boys. "OI YOU FUCK HEAD!" I scream at the laughing boys they all looked up and then looked at the boy who took my nugget. "YOU. TOOK. MY .FUCKING. NUGGET.' I said puffing. All the girls stood behind me like a sassy as possie. Lul. "Ahaha OMG we are sorry we were filming a new video." A tall boy wearing a snap back said. "SHUT! The only one that should apologise is that curly headed fuck." I said pointing to the boy who was now looking at the ground. At this point all the girls were laughing at my seriousness so were the other boys. And I have to admit I was giggling at this point to.


"Look I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you at all. It was all for our video. I'm happy to buy you another nugget?" He said not knowing if what he was saying was right or not. "No I don't want another nugget you will look like a idiot." I said and the strange boy sighed with relief  . "But if you ever touch my fucking food again I will kick you in the balls so hard they turn purple." I said while walking off and out of the alley.

"OH. MY. GOD. BRODIE." Hannah said in shock. "He was hot I know." I said upset that I said that but it was funny. "And that maybe because it was a nugget." Sharni said looking to the side knowing that would have ticked me off.



"So what should we do now. Daria asked know that its 5pm. "OMG come back to my house no one is home so you can all stay!" Sharni yelled/ screamed. Sharni house was really big. Two story, Four bedrooms all with bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, two lounge rooms (one being more a family room), pool and spa. We decided to go to her because no one was home and we could have a girl’s night.






We arrived back at Sharni’s house and dayum! Was it big. I ran ahead of all the girls in grabbed Sharni's spear key out of my purse. Yes Sharni gave me a key along with the other girls. As soon I unlocked it I was bombarded the Splodge Sharni's dog. "Hey bubba!" I said giving Splodge a pat. We all walked inside and Brodie put Splodge in the back yard. "So movies?" Daria asked running into the bigger lounge room. We all sat on the couch as Daria picked a movie. And of course she picked our favourite movie Mean Girls. As we all sat on the couch my phone went off. I read the name Daniel <3. Okay so I got one of the boys numbers but he was cute so when he asked what could I do?


"I'm just getting some popcorn bbycakes." I said to the girls as I walked into the kitchen. I put some popcorn in the microwave and opened the message.


Lora: Hey :)

Daniel: What you doing? xx

Lora: Just with the girls watching a movie. What about you? x

Daniel: Just with the boys at the park. About to walk home. xox

Lora: Aww cool. I'm sorry my friend Brodie was so mad. Ahah I can't believe what she said. x

Daniel: Lol I know Luke has never been so mad at himself. Ahah I think Luke he developed a crush on her. ;)

Lora: OMG! Yeah. Ahah I have to go. xox

Daniel: Aww okay bye. Xox



I grabbed the pop corn and walked back into the lounge room. "What took you so long crab cakes?" Daria asked grabbing pop corn. "Oh just my mum." I lied I couldn't tell the girls I was talking to Daniel they would either take it good or bad....

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