My interesting life

Its about me


1. chapter 1

Its nine o'clock in the morning school has just started we are all fighting over who has to sit next to Fiorenza the meanest girl you could ever meet. Its me who ends up sitting next to her (she trusts me) she gives me a note saying can i tell you something I don't know what to say it sounded really private so I promised I wold never tell anyone. I waited desperately for her to finish writing the note it says...

'please don't tell anyone this but my dad has cancer and its hard enough for me at home but then when I come to school you guys avoid me and that's harder for me than you think.' I sighed feeling sorry for her because I knew how it felt my dad died of cancer when i was 7 and that was the most scary thing that ever happened to me. 

i cant tell anyone but they are still running away from her i stay with her they are sooo angry at me it is such a hard time for me i don't know what to do but i stay with fiorenza because i don't want her to feel left out again and also i hate being mean to her.I tell fiorenza 'you need to tell the others what is going on because other wise there just going to keep running away from you' she says ' Aimee if i tell them they might make fun of me and say to ignore me' i diddnt know what to say to that.

suddenly i spot fiorenza's dad in the middle  of the field looking for her im not sure if this cancer thingy is actually real fiorenza ran off crying she knew i was going  to figure out it was all fake. 

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