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4. Imagine for Mckenna

your pov.

hi my name is McKenna and I'm dating Liam Payne. we met at a concert, when Danielle and I went too. anyways, Liam and I had an amazing night last night haha, anyways  Liam had to go back to work today which im sad about. so I called Danielle.  "hello?" Danielle said. "Hi dani" I said. "oh I McKenna, what's up?" she asked. "nothing much." I said.  "so?" she said. "oh I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?" I said. "sure I will be over in ten minutes." she says. we said our goodbyes and she was on her way. I started to cook myself some breakfast, I started to cook the bacon, all of a sudden I don't feel good. I ran into the bathroom and vomited in the toilet. then ten minutes later Danielle arrives and comes right and calls out my name. "in here" I say. she ran up to the bathroom and asked me if I was okay. I said im just fine its probably just the flu. then we went shopping after I ate breakfast. we went shopping for a few hours and then she dropped me off at mine and Liam's place. I started to cook liams favorite dinner and I didn't feel good and I threw up again and I cleaned myself up and finished his dinner. then Liam came in and I said I made your favorite dinner. he said thanks baby and then kissed me on my lips. I responded by saying yup. haha.

*One Week Later*

I wasn't feeling good, Liam was on tour and is now coming home. so I called Danielle to come over because I have to tell her something. when she came over she asked me what's wrong and I said "I think I'm pregnant." I said then she got super excited and when to the drug store and bought me a pregnancy test then came back to my house. I take the test and five minutes later I looked at the test and broke down it was positive, what was Liam going to say. Danielle told me Liam would be excited but I don't know!!! Danielle left and Liam came home "LiLi? can I tell you something?" I asked. "anything baby, what's wrong" Liam said. "I-I'm"  "wat?" "I'm pregnant" I said. "oh my god! baby I always wanted to be a father." Liam said. "really?" I said "Yes" Liam said. " I love you!" I said "I love you too and our baby!" Liam said!




9 months later you and Liam have a girl named Elisabeth Mae Payne!

then a year later you and Liam  got married!


*I hope you liked the chapter, you forgot to name the boy you wanted when I saw your name I thought Liam, comment what you think! -Caitlyn*


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