Drummer Boy

Olivia "Olive" Simpson was the new girl . . .again. Originating from the U.S., her father is a music recruiter and writer, causing her to move all around the world. From America to the United Kingdom and now Australia, Olivia has only made famous friends. Not that it's a terrible thing, but she wants to settle down and experience being a normal 15 year old teenager. But she meets Ashton who girls around Sydney are saying is a bad boy and is nothing but trouble. Her father is now recruiting him and his friends' band, 5 Seconds of Summer, and tells Olivia not to involve herself with them. Will she succumb to Ashton's bad boy charm or will she remain the new good girl that she's always been and stay under her father's rules?

~Bad Boys Ain't No Good And The Good Boys Ain't No Fun~


2. Awkward At Its Finest

"So am I the only one at this table who is curious as to how you two know each other?" The whole table was quiet.

"Well when I was 19 I attended college here in Australia. I met Liz and we've been friends since," my father said continuing to eat his food.

"That's right. He even attended my wedding as the best man for my husband," Liz smiled.

I nodded, no longer interested in the three-cheese lasagna in front of me. Next to me, Luke was texting someone. Oh, how I wish I could text someone right now. But if I do it, my father will nag to me in front of everyone.

Luke elbowed me and then passed me his phone. I quickly looked down to see his notes and it read "Bored?".

I nodded my head and passed him back his phone. "Uh mom, does our guest know where she is staying, tonight?"

I pretended to look surprised at my father.  "Oh right, she doesn't," Liz looked at my father. "You're on the top floor sweetie is that alright?"

I nodded my head quickly. "Sure, doesn't bother me."

Luke got up from the table and motioned for me to follow him. I smiled politely at Liz. "Thanks for the food, it was great."

She smiled widely and I dashed to catch up to Luke who was already at the staircase.

"Sorry you had to sit through that. My dad usually lightens things up."

"Where is your dad?"

"Work. Should be here in a few hours though," he looked back at me.

"Wanna see my room?"

I eyed him suspiciously. "Sure."

He raced up the stairs and I stayed right behind. I never was comfortable with being in stranger's houses. I always felt as though they would turn out to be a secret serial killer who murders people in their basement.

As soon as he opened the room door I exhaled deeply. Typical teenage boy's room.

Messy bed, laptop on his desk, blue room covered in band posters; exactly what I assumed. Luke walked in and jumped onto the bed. I stood at the doorway watching him watch me.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," I shook my head. "Just debating on whether or not you're an actual teenage boy or a serial killer with a young face."

He smiled widely and it was something about it that made me smile too. "Pass me that guitar."

I followed his finger to see an acoustic guitar next to his desk. I walked over and picked it up. When I turned to give it to him, I could tell he was looking at my ass.


"Let me play you a song," he sat up quickly. "It's one me and the lads wrote before we left the U.S."

He patted the spot next to him and I slowly scooted closer to him. As he started to sing and play, I observed his concentration. His messy hair and blue eyes looked so beautiful.

Wherever you are...

When he finished I didn't realize I was still staring at his eyes.

"I like your eyes."

"I like your eyes too," he smirked his face only centimeters away from mine. "What color are they? I can't really tell."

"They're like a hazel-green. We're combination, I know."

"No no," he shushed me. "They're perfect."

I placed my hand on his face and his eyes continued to stare into mine as we both moved closer to each other.


I jumped up and fell onto the ground, scared that Liz had caught me trying to kiss her son.

I can't believe I just tried to kiss him.

"So this is what showing your new friend her room is."

I looked up to see two boys standing there a bit shorter than Luke. One's hair was blue and he had pale skin while the other had dark curly hair and the same skin complexion as me.

"Next time you guys should knock," Luke set down his guitar and pulled me up from the floor.

"Hi," I smiled, mainly embarrassed by the sudden interruption.

"So the cute girl speaks," the dark haired one smirked. He walked up to me and brushed his hand across the side of my face. "Does this cute girl have a name?"

"I almost kissed your friend and you're hitting on me?"

"If we all like the same girl, we share," the blue haired one leaned in from behind  the one in front of me.

My stomach started to turn in knots and right now I'd rather be eating a cheesy lasagna than being in here.

"You guys are idiots," Luke rolled his eyes and walked in between us to his desk.

"Well I'm gonna go now," I turned on my heels to leave. A hand grasped my wrist and I looked to see it was Luke's.

"You can stay if you want," he towered over me. "They won't harass you, right guys?"

I looked at the two boys who were snickering. Calum pouted, "I won't."

"I might," Michael winked and nodded his head up at me. "Not gonna make any promises."

I rolled my eyes and gave my attention to Luke. "I'm feeling a bit jet lagged. Maybe tomorrow." Luke nodded and I left the room, making my way upstairs.

This may be the best house I have ever lived in. In Japan, I lived in an apartment building on the 107th floor and could never get a ride to school because of how long it took with traffic. I shared a room with both my father and little brother and my father had to rent a couch to sleep on while I shared the bed with my brother. In England, it was a bit better. My father was working with One Direction so we had a wonderful small house to live in which was cozy and perfect for me; I never really found interest in huge mansions and what not, so seeing that I had a whole floor to myself was perfection.

"I figured you'd like the fact of having your own floor to stay on." I jumped up to see Mrs. Hemmings standing at the doorway watching me as walked around the room.

"You were spot on with the decorations," I smiled widely, looking at my favorite groups on posters around the room. "I love Aerosmith and Guns n' Roses!"

Mrs. Hemmings opened her mouth and then closed it just smiling. "Well I won't keep you. Have a good rest and we'll discuss what you'll be doing for school when you wake up."

I groaned quietly and cursed under my breath. Homeschooling or any school was not what I wanted right now. Could I just take a break for once and live a normal life. And by normal life I mean have a summer break or something. It's practically summer all the time in Australia, at least a week or two would satisfy me.

"Got it, teacher," I saluted her and gave her a fake smile watching her close the door and make her way downstairs.

"God help me." I dropped onto the bed and my eyes instantly closed as I snuggled up into the covers.

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