Rise to Fame

Skylar Green is an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. This fourteen year old Directioner has always wanted to be a professional singer and to be able to go on tour with One Direction would be "a dream come true!" When Skylar gets offered a record deal, will the struggle of getting to the top be worth it?


4. Voice Lessons

Before she knew it, Skylar was walking up to the front door of an unknown person.

"Hello! You must be Skylar! I'm Samantha!" Said the girl at the door.

Skylar put on a fake smile and shook her hand while her mom came up to them.

"I'm Heather. It's really nice to meet you!" Said her mom.

After everyone was introduced, we walked into her house. It was huge!! The living room had three couches, a flatscreen tv, a fireplace and a sitting area with a wide range of books.

"I would love for you to stay," Samantha said turning to Heather, "but parents unfortunately are not allowed to be here while we are practicing. I've had a lot of kids get distracted or embarrassed because of their parents being here."

"Oh, thanks okay! I have to pick my son up to take him to soccer practice anyway, so I wouldn't be able to stay." She smiled and walked to the door.

When she left, Samantha walked up to Skylar.

"Would you like some water? We wouldn't want you to be singing with a dry throat!"

Skylar smiled politely and accepted the water that was handed to her.

"Shall we get started?" Samantha asked and led her to another room.

This room was furnished with two couches and a chair right beside a piano on the left side of the room. On the right side sat three acoustic guitars and one electric with five bean bag chairs next to them. Samantha sat down at the piano and motioned for Skylar to sit by her.

"We are going to start with some vocal warm ups. Repeat after me: Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York. Now you try!"

Skylar sat there puzzled for a bit. "Unique unork. Unique unork. Wait- unique New York. Neek unork." She sighed in frustration. "I can't get it!"

Samantha helped her for a little bit and soon, she was getting it without a problem!!

"Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York!!"

After a few more vocal exercises, Samantha turned to Skylar.

"Tell me a bit about yourself. Do you play any instruments?"

"I play guitar all the time, and I can play only a couple of songs on the piano."

"Sweet!" Samantha smiled. "What are some of your favorite songs?"

Skylar hesitated before saying, "well, I'm a total Directioner, so any song by One Direction is perfectly okay with me! But I also love Burn by Ellie Goulding, Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, Viva La Vida by Coldplay, and I love all things Ed Sheeran!"

Samantha laughed and said, "okay, well I happen to know a few songs by One Direction on piano! How about They Don't Know About Us?"

Skylar was ecstatic that she got to sing One Direction as her first song for voice lessons!!

She started off the song strong:

"People say we shouldn't be together, too young to know about forever!"

And when the song ended, her voice softened a bit:

"Baby, they don't know about- they don't know about us. They don't know about us."

When Samantha finished the final notes of the song, her mouth dropped.

"Skylar! You have a lot of potential! You're an amazing singer!!"

Skylar blushed and mumbled a thanks.

"I can't believe that I'm working with such a talented young girl! I know you'll make it far!"

After singing a couple more songs, her mom came and picked her up.

The car ride was pretty silent aside from the occasional questions like, "How was it?" "Were you polite?" "Did she say if you did good?"

You know, normal mom questions.

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