The Cloaked Guardian

I've been here for over two millinia, and I still haven't forgotten...
Why did he do that to me?
*A Naruto and Rise of the Guardians crossover*


3. Chapter 2

   I closed my eyes, preparing for the painful death I knew was coming.
   But it never came.
   I was cold, though.
   Wait, what?
   I opened my eyes, and saw ice all around me.
   No... Please no...
   I looked, expecting to see the white-haired menace, but didn't see anything except the frosty trees.
   Okami, can you hear me? I thought, wondering if I would get a reply.
   I felt a tug on my blood-stained hair, and I was lifted off my feet.
   That's when everything I thought surrounded me vanished, and the pain came over me like a wave.
   I suppressed a yelp begging to go though my lips.
   I tried reaching for a kunai with my only good hand, but with no success.
   "Don't you recognize little Hanna, Guardians?"
   I grimaced from behind my chipped mask, forced my body to turn around, and kicked Pitch, forcing him to let me go.
   He stood up from where he landed, and smirked.
   "Congratulations Hanna..." He started, "That was the first hit you landed on me from this entire battle. Pretty pathetic, isn't it?"
   "You mean like your face?" I retorted.
   Let's just say, I learned never to insult him like that again.
   He rammed into me, the tips of his fingers glowing. Right where my seal was, he used a jutsu I had only seen once.
   "W-where did you learn that?" I said, pain spreading through my body.
   "An old friend of yours." He whispered in my ear, his smirk in his voice.
   "Damn you..." I said, right before passing out.

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