The Cloaked Guardian

I've been here for over two millinia, and I still haven't forgotten...
Why did he do that to me?
*A Naruto and Rise of the Guardians crossover*


1. Can You Hear?

   "Can you hear...
   My cries...
   Can you see...
   My eyes?
   I am calling...
   Out to you...
   I sighed, then looked up to the full moon.
   "Why did you make me like this?" I wondered aloud.
   No reply.
   " I would much rather be up there, with them, ya know..."
   I kicked some snow and looked up at the starless sky once more, and uttered four simple words.
   "I still haven't forgotten..."
   I walked to my forest, alone, to get some rest.
   It was gonna be a big day tomorrow.


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