This story is about this girl who gets bullied and gets abused by her father? will everyone turn against her? or will everyone go with her? find out in my story called Abused.
Enjoy! No Hate!


8. Why Me??

Sierra's Pov.

Gosh my head and stomach hurts so bad. I opened my eyes and I see louis by my side.

No ones Pov.

Louis: hey how do you feel?

Sierra: my head and stomach hurts.

Louis: I'll get the nurse

Sierra: okay

The nurse walks in

Nurse: hello Sierra. How do you feel?

Sierra: my head and stomach hurts.

Nurse: okay here take this medicine it should help with the pain.

Sierra: okay thank you.

Nurse: anytime!

Sierra: where are the guys?

Louis: they are in the cafe

Sierra: okay just wondering

Louis: imma gonna kill Niall

Sierra: Lou. It's okay it wasn't his fault it was perrie's fault.

Louis: I know but..

Sierra: no buts!

Sierra: *thinking* why does this always happen to me. Just tell me why. Why me!!! I don't deserve this punishment. I didn't do anything wrong!

All of a sudden _______ walks in

Hey guys sorry it took me soooo long to update I don't have time during the week to do these books but since school was cancelled today I decided to update for you guys sorry it's short my dad wants me to clean my room before he gets home. I will update probably Friday because I don't have school. Lots of love Caitlyn

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