This story is about this girl who gets bullied and gets abused by her father? will everyone turn against her? or will everyone go with her? find out in my story called Abused.
Enjoy! No Hate!


6. the next day

Sierra Pov

I hated Niall I can't believe he cheated on me!! After I came in crying louis asked me what's wrong I told him about Niall and he was beyond pissed off but he just wanted to comfort me and that's all I remember I must of fallen asleep!

No ones Pov

Louis: morning babe(:

Sierra: morning(:

Louis: I'm sorry about Niall he just such an arsehole I wanted to go to his house and punch him in the face then kick him in the balls! Ugh!

Sierra: Lou! I'm fine! He was just a Arsehole like you said!

Suddenly there was a knock at the door

Louis I swear to god if it's Niall imma gonna go kick him in the balls!!! I'm so pissed off!

Sierra: babe! Calm down!

*If I haven't told which I'm sure i didn't Sierra and Louis started dating*

Louis goes opens the door to find.........

Sorry guys I have to stop it there! Consider it a cliffhanger (: lots of love


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