This story is about this girl who gets bullied and gets abused by her father? will everyone turn against her? or will everyone go with her? find out in my story called Abused.
Enjoy! No Hate!


7. The Next Day (Continued!)

Sierra's Pov.

Louis Went to the door to find.......


Louis: What do you want Perrie? *Angry*

Perrie: I just came here to apologize to Sierra.

Louis: Sierra doesn't want to see you at the moment!

Perrie: I don't care if she doesn't want to see me! *pushes her way in*

Sierra: What are you doing here Perrie!! *angry*

Perrie: I just came here to apologize.

Sierra: You Came Here to apologize for making out with MY Boyfriend!

Perrie: Ex-Boyfriend now! *smirks*

Sierra: You Bitch! *slaps her*

Perrie: You UGH! *pulls her hair*

Louis: Girls! Stop!

after Louis said stop I stopped but Perrie didn't, the last thing I remember is she punched me in the face and kicked me in the stomach. I blacked out... I think..

*And I love Perrie, she so nice! its just in the story.*

Louis: What the Hell Perrie what did you do!

Perrie: she deserves it!

Louis: your so messed up in the head! I'm going to call Niall. to come pick you up. then I will call an ambulance.

Louis called Niall and then he called an ambulance.

Niall and the paramedics arrived at the same time.

Niall: oh my.. what happened to sierra! *worried!*

Louis: why don't you ask your bitch of a girlfriend!

Niall: what the hell did you do!

Perrie: well I came her to apologize and she asked me what I am doing her I told her I just came here to apologize and she said you JUST came here to apologize for kissing My boyfriend and then I said well EX-Boyfriend then I smirked and then she called me a bitch and then she slapped me. then I pulled her hair then Louis told us to stop she stopped and I punched her in the face and then kicked her in the stomach

Niall: WHAT THE HELL PERRIE! you could of killed her! I hate you WE ARE OVER! get the hell out of here!

btw Louis told the paramedics they would meet them at the hospital.

Niall: we should go to the hospital.

Louis: yeah we should call the boys.

Niall called the boys and told them to meet them at the hospital.

*At the Hospital*

Louis went to the front desk and asked the lady were Sierra Johnson room was.

Lady: are you a family member?

Louis: yes im her Boyfriend.

Lady: okay she is in room 432 4th floor, second door on the right.

Louis: thank you so much!

Louis and the boys got on the elevator and Niall pressed the 4 button.

Liam: Niall, how could you.

Louis: guys its not his fault its Perrie's.

Boys: oh sorry Nialler.

Niall: its okay boys.


they went to look for 432.

Louis: 440,439,438,437,436,435,434,433,


they walk in.

Nurse: oh hello, are you friends of miss Johnson?

Boys: yes yes we are. what is wrong!

nurse: well she is fine she is just sleeping and she wont wake up until tomorrow because we gave her this sleeping drug that makes her sleep for 24hrs. if she wakes up before 24hrs please let me know because she hasn't slept for a week, did anyone know that?

Louis: I didn't.

Liam: no.

Zayn: I haven't seen her for awhile.

Harry: she told me she couldn't sleep but she never told me a week.

Niall: I knew, she has these nightmares of her father, her father used to abuse her, he is now in prison for life.

nurse: god bless her soul! but please give me a call if she wakes up.

Louis: we will.







Hey guys there is your update. lots of love caitlyn

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