This story is about this girl who gets bullied and gets abused by her father? will everyone turn against her? or will everyone go with her? find out in my story called Abused.
Enjoy! No Hate!


4. Friends? No. What? Best Friends! (;

sierra's pov.

I hope my dad don't find me, if I didn't tell you I moved in with Niall. Niall and I started dating which I already told you! Jessica and I are best friends again, I mean so what if she made one mistakes? nobody's perfect! on the other hand Louis and I are friends, we got to get to know each other really well. lets just say Perrie has been really nice to me. im so glad I have friends. Jessica was never a bad person she just caught up in the moment and got out of it quickly! im so glad she did!


Sierra: wtf? haha your funny lou!

Louis: I know haha!

niall: I want to go to nandos.

sierra: sure.


Hey guys this is the shortest chapter ever! It probably sucks! sorry! -Caitlyn..... love you all!

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