Mint Hot Chocolate

Yuri was having an average day until she got hot coffee spilled on her. Now the guy that spilled it on her, by accident, is constantly in her life. Did she think it was going to be like this? No. Can she predict what's gonna happen next? Absolutely not.


1. Café

        The sun was shining down into the pale blue room. It was perfect sweater weather for the average person, but to Yuri, it just meant it was perfect weather to dress in a nice shirt and jeans. She pulled the covers closer to her face. She didn’t want to admit defeat and get out of bed that quickly. It was so warm and comfortable under the covers, too comfy to leave just like that. She pulled them over her face and started to fall asleep again when her alarm went off.
        Now it was time to get up and get ready. Yuri sat up and turned off her alarm. “Aish, so annoying,” she said to herself. Getting up in the mourning was one of Yuri’s least favorite things to do, being after she does that, there are more things to do. Walking over to the restroom, she grabbed her IPod and closed the door. She turned the knob to a comfortable temperature and turned up the music. Yuri happily danced to the songs that played and made her way into the shower. It was relaxing after a night of sleep.
        Once the shower was over, Yuri walked over to her drawers and found a nice outfit to go with the day. She planned on walking around, doing nothing in particular. Today was her first day off from the café that she worked at in weeks and she was going to gladly take advantage of it. When her clothes were on, she brushed out her hair and let it fall down mid-back, the way it always did. To finish off the look, she grabbed a hat and placed it on her head properly. Grabbing her purse, which already had everything in it, Yuri locked the door behind her, careful not to disturb any of her neighbors.
        When she got down to the first floor, she greeted the lobby man and opened the door to the outside. It was a nice day and she was happy her day off was today rather than any other one. Carefully making her way down the street, Yuri made her way to the café she worked at. Even though she wasn’t working, she still enjoyed the beverages and company of some of her friends that also worked there with her.
        The moment the door open, Yuri was welcomed by the scent of coffee and sweat bread. She spotted her favorite place open and made her way to it, careful to avoid contact with anyone already seated. The moment she sat down, her friend, Min-gi spotted her and made her way to the table. “May I offer you our specials, ma’am.” Min-gi said in a polite tone.
        Yuri laughed and shook her head. “It’s only me Min-gi, you don’t have to have such formality.” She explained to friend for the twentieth time.
        Min-gi giggled. “I know, but its fun.” She gave Yuri her million dollar smile. “So I’m guessing the usual?” She asked, knowing what the answer would be.
        “Of course,” Yuri smiled back and waved off her friend. “Now, go get me my mint hot chocolate.”
        “Yes ma’am.” Min-gi saluted her and walked off like a soldier. Yuri laughed at her silly friend and pulled out her phone. She checked her e-mail, making sure her mother hadn’t texted her saying anything about things she had to do. It was a fact. Yuri’s mother knew more about what she had to do than Yuri did, which was quite strange considering Yuri was in South Korea while her mother was back home in the States.
        Yuri attended Seoul University there and was determined to graduate from that school no matter what. Even if that meant having a social life that was nearly nonexistent, then so be it. While checking her phone, she realized there was a bit of dirt under her nail. It was probably from dealing with so many plants in the greenhouse she volunteered at. Yuri got up to clean it up in the restroom, but she didn’t seem someone coming her way at the same time. Neither of them could stop what was about to happen.
        “OMO!” The person shouted. Yuri was on the floor, covered in hot coffee, and it was burning her skin.
        “Ahhh,” she let out as the beverage started to burn more. She quickly got up and pulled her shirt away from her body. Apparently, Min-gi had seen what happened and rushed to Yuri’s side with a wet towel and a dry one.
        “Yuri! Are you okay?” Min-gi asked, panicked. Yuri nodded, upset that her favorite shirt was stained with coffee. “Come one, let’s go to the back and clean you up. I’m pretty sure some of your shirts are back there.” Min-gi pulled Yuri away without another word.
        While in the back, Yuri pulled off her shirt and wiped at her stomach with the wet towel. It cooled down the burn and made it look less violent as it did a minute ago. Min-gi threw Yuri’s shirt in the washing machine they had back there and started looking for another shirt. Yuri sighed, “Well, that’s not how I pictured this day going.”
        Min-gi could tell how upset her friend was. This was the first day off she gets and that happens! She couldn’t wait ‘til she got back there and saw the guy that did this to her best friend. He would certainly pay for it. Yuri detected what was going on in Min-gi’s mind and eyed her. “Don’t you dare hurt the poor creature that did this to me. It’d be an unfair advantage, you against someone else.”
        “I can’t make any promises.” She managed to get out.
        Yuri laughed and sat on the counter. “Did you even see who it was?”
        Min-gi thought for a moment. “No, but I know Manager won’t let him get away with hurting you. You’re his best employee!” Min-gi’s eyes lit up. “Found it!”
        Yuri raised her eyebrow. “Found what exactly?”

             “The perfect shirt for your outfit!” She said, holding up a new shirt.
        Jumping off the counter, Yuri put on the 
shirt and hugged Min-gi. “Thanks.”
        “No problem.” She said. “Now, let’s go kill that guy!”
        Yuri rolled her eyes and laughed. The two girls made their way out of the back room and back into the front of the café. Yuri was staring at Min-gi, making sure she didn’t pounce on anyone just yet. She required the person to be really rude before she let Min-gi take care of the situation. When they got back to Yuri’s table, Min-gi didn’t look as threatening. Worried, Yuri grabbed her arm as if something happened. Looking up at the table, she saw a handsome man sitting in her spot with her phone and purse.
        “You forgot these.” He said politely. Yuri reached for her things, unaware if she should trust the guy or not.
        “Thanks,” She mumbled.
        The guy stood up and shifted from left foot to right foot constantly. “Hey, I’m sorry about what happened. I didn’t mean to do that. It was all an accident.” He said this shyly.
        Yuri nodded, too shy to speak to him. “It-It’s alright,” She whispered.
        “Are you sure? Here, let me pay for your drink. I don’t want you thinking I’m a jerk.” He smiled shyly at her. Min-gi elbowed Yuri, as if to tell her to accept the offer.
        “Of course you can pay for her drink. It’s the least you can do after you spilled hot coffee on her.” She blurted out. Yuri gave her a look. Why did she say that?  Yuri thought to herself. Min-gi gave her an innocent look back and walked away to help some customers.
        Yuri shook her head. What did her friend just get her into? She watched as Min-gi walked away and stared at fixed her shirt. “Sit down,” The man waved at the spot she was sitting in before.
        Moving her stuff, Yuri sat down and fiddled with a sugar pack that was on the table. Looking up, she saw the mean was staring at her. She shifted in her seat, feeling uncomfortable at him staring at her for so long. What’s up with this guy? Why was he staring at her?
        “You don’t know me do you?” He asked.
        Hesitantly, Yuri shook her head. “Ani-yo. I’m sorry, am I supposed to?”
        Smiling to himself, the man sighed in relief. “Really? Ah, that’s good.” He held out his hand. “I’m Kim Jonghyun. It’s nice to meet you…”
        “Linn Yuri.” She shook his hand. “It’s nice to meet you too.”
        “Linn Yuri. What a pretty name.” Jonghyun breathed out.
        “Thank you.” She said awkwardly. Yuri always felt uncomfortable around strangers. She never really had the need to socialize with people, and when it did happen, she didn’t know what to do. She was a shy person, even in high school people didn’t know who she was because she never introduced herself to them.
        After a few minutes of awkward silence, Min-gi came to the table with Yuri’s drink. She could smell the mint from the edge of the table. Reaching for her purse, Yuri pulled out her wallet, ready to give Min-gi the money for the drink.
        “Ani-yo, let me get it.” Jonghyun gave Min-gi some money. Min-gi smiled and winked at Yuri. She waved the money around and walked away. Jonghyun pushed the cup closer to Yuri and smiled. “Drink it. You ordered it, so you obviously like it.”
        Yuri took the cup and gripped onto it tightly. “I do. Like it, I mean.” Looking at her watch, Yuri’s eyes got wide. “Omo, I have to leave. I’m sorry. I was going to do something at this time.”
        She stood up quickly, careful not to spill anything on herself. Jonghyun got up as well. Yuri grabbed her bag and put it over her shoulder. Her phone was in the bag, so she couldn’t forget it. After picking up after herself, she turned to Jonghyun. “Thank you.” She bowed.
        Jonghyun bowed back. “No problem.” Yuri waved goodbye to Min-gi and walked out of the café.

A/N: To help out a few people, here is a list of words and their meanings.
Ani-yo: No
Aish: it's something you say when something is annoying.
OMO: Means the same thing as OMG

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