Stuck in love

Mac Harmon the worldwide known dancer just had a fan day were he will fall in love for you Brooklyn.But you will have problems coming.


3. Seductive time

"Well, (y/n) why don't you come to my room maybe we can watch a movie or something" Mac said you "mmmkay but let me change my clothes"you said "but don't be late"he said giving you a kiss on the cheek.

You went to your room, you grab the best reddish lip stick from your moms makeup bag and you started doing your make up,then you grabbed a pair of comfy socks, over-sized grey sweater ,a pair of black short shorts and your black vans. When you arrived Mac was wearing black pants, his black vans, an blue and white SnapBack and he was shirtless. The first thing you noticed when he opened was his hard abs,you were shocked and he too "WOW" you both said "hey hot girl, where have you been?"Mac said,you blushed "thanks,can I touch them?" You said while pointing his abs "they are yours now, touch them every time you want babe" he said while closing the door, he sat on one of the beds,you sat next to him while touching his perfect,hard abs "do you like them, I worked really hard to get them"he said while lying on the bed "of course I do" you said while hugging him,he turned the stereo on and Fall started

~Let me tell you a story about a girl and boy he felt in love with his best friend when she around he doesn't feel nothing but joy she was already broken...~

Mac stared at you for a pair of seconds then he started to get closer to you,he grabbed your waist and pushed you against his body to kiss you, both closed the eyes and you started lying on the bed while kissing...

He started to cuddle his head on your chest and you stroked his brown, silky hair. He looked to your eyes while trying to grab you "what are you trying to do?" You asked him "I just want to be your superman"he said while carrying you with his hot ,strong arms "Mac?" You asked "Yes?"he answered "Can we you know we've like 2 hours until our moms come so we can..." You said "you want to have sex now?"he continued "well if you want to"you answered "let me think it,in the bathroom"he said "in the bathroom?"you said "yeah,here"he said while he was closing the bathroom door "mmkay..." You said. Some minutes passed until Mac decided "and?" You asked "I'm ready and starting pushing you against his body hardly, you started walking backwards to the bed you started taking his pants off {just to remind you,he was shirtless}he took your sweater off while kissing you and you took your short off. You both were in underwear until he took your bra of and started squeezing your left boob , you pressed his back hardly and took his underwear off and you saw...

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