How the other half lives

This story is about a rich girl named Isabella from Italy and a poor girl named Daisy From Africa.
Daisy hops in the soup-case who was owned by Demi Lavoto.
Demi had no clue and she was leaving Africa. When the plane landed Daisy hopped out and found out she was in Italy.
Read to find out more



Mother i need new shoes, these ones are to pink.

Well Isabella i got them a month ago let me tell you something. You've heard about the poor right.

Yes mother i have

Well Daisy there are  young girls in African girls that don't get shoes at all indeed they don't get water, food and shelter. And you want me to buy you shoes.

If you put it that way i feel bad so I don't want any.

Well that's the girl i know and love.


Well back in Africa things were going fine a hot day and guess who was there Demi Lavoto on her 21st birthday spending the day with the poor.

Three hour until Demi was gonna leave everyone was sad but they enjoyed the weekend.

A girl who was passionate about singing who was gonna preform to Demi i an hour.

Tick Tick time was running out she sang a song she knew. Seconds after she preformed Demi gave her feed back.

It was good and strong work on your vocals and you'll be hitting the stage like Taylor Swift in seconds.

Well Daisy really wanted to go with Demi so Daisy hopped in Demis soup-case and hid there. When Demi left and got to the Italy airport Daisy hopped out Demi didn't know she was in there or when she hopped out.

Daisy wondered Italy and everyone she saw were giving her money. Daisy thought to her self if i sing i might get enough money to buy food and water. So she got ready began to sing when Isabella went passed she said to Daisy wait are you poor.

Daisy replayed yes.

How to you end up here.

Well I Daisy told the whole story and to Isabella.

OK do you need somewhere to live you can live with me and my Mother  feels so sorry for the poor.

So you can live with us. So whats your name I'm Isabella.

I'm Daisy.

Wow i like your name its cool.

Thanks so is Italy a good place to live.

Yeah wait i remembered that story you told you met Demi Lavoto.

Yeah i love her shes amazing.

Same her and plus Daisy your good at singing.

Well Demi told me It was good and strong work on your vocals and you'll be hitting the stage like Taylor Swift in seconds.

Lucky got advice from Demi. So come on Daisy ill take you to my house.

Mother I'm home guess I'm brought.

Wait a second let me get snacks ready.

OK what were you gonna show me Isabella.

I found daisy on the street shes poor.

So Isabella told the whole story to her mother.

Oh well shall we get you cleaned up Daisy.


Wow has Daisy glazed around the bathroom.

She asked i have no cloths what will i wear.

Well i don't know but i think Isabella might not mind if you wear her cloths.

Its fine Daisy ill go to my room get you cloths.




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