Band Rivals

Little Mix vs. One Direction.A race to become the biggest band on the planet.There are rules also.They cannot hangout with any band member from the other team.What if Jade and Harry fall in love with each other?Well if they talk to each other..they will get eliminated from the band.Thank you Ketsia X for the cover!It looks awesome!


1. Prologue

Jade's P.O.V

As we finished up our song Wings,we received a couple of booing,but a lot of cheering and hollering.We knew that the booing was from the One Direction side.I wonder when this feud will stop.This war has been going on ever since our band formed.Which was two years ago.We walked to the backstage and saw One Direction getting ready.They looked at us and glared.We continue to walk until we came to our dressing room.

-"I swear to God I will kill them!" Jesy yelled.

-"Those gay bastards will rot once we get our band to be the greatest!" Perrie yelled.

We nodded in agreement.I hate One Direction.One time I almost got arrested by them just because I accidentally spilled coffee on Liam.Luckily the girls were there to save me.


I paid my coffee and right when I turned around I spilled my coffee on...Thee Liam Payne.I watched his face fill with anger.I looked at my friends who was talking to each other and not notice me.

-"Look what you did to my shirt!" Liam yelled.

I whimpered as he spat mean things about me.His other band mates looked at me disgustingly but I wasn't sure about Harry.He was just staring at me.I saw Louis stand up and run out of the coffee shop and come back with...a police officer.The cop looked at me with sorry eyes and hand-cuffed me.That was when my friends jumped in the scene.

-"What do you think you're doing?!" Leigh-Anne said.

-"Arresting her!" Louis said.

-"Why?" Jesy asked.

-"Look what she did to my shirt!" Liam yelled.

-"It's just a shirt!Officer why are you doing this when you know he's crying over spilled milk!" Perrie said.

-"It's actually coffee." Liam said.

-"It's an idiom...idiot." I said.

He rolled his eyes and I watch as the officer took the handcuffs off of me.

-"They are right boys.Sorry Louis here's your money." The cop said.

We watch as the cop gave Louis gave money to him.

-"You paid him to arrest Jade!?" Perrie yelled.

Louis just shrugged and sat back down.



End of Flashback

I came back to reality.The girls were still whining and yelling.I snuck out of the room and I bumped into...

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