Baby i would (1D and 5SOS)

Leigh-Anne was just a normal 20 year old girl living in the UK. But that was the thing. She's not, after Luke Hemmings flirts with her at her job. Does she fall for him. Or does she fall for another Irish lad who she meets on the 5SOS and 1D tour.

-rated like u would say about +14 but hey YOLO-


27. chapter 20

Leigh-Anne's POV

I fell asleep at his house and I got up noticed that he had his arms around me.

"I gotta go," I said to him.

He nodded and I got out of his bed and walked out.

"How could I be so stupid?" I asked myself.

I ruined my future and my friendships. My life was everywhere.

I decided to call Louis.

After 2 rings he picked up.

"Hello" he said.

"Hey Louis can I come over?" I asked.

"Yea but Neha is still here is that okey?" He asked.

I nodded "yea I'm coming now."


About 10 minutes later I pulled up at Louis's place.

I saw him open the door and walk out.

"Hey Leigh what up-"

I cut him off by hugging him.

"What happened" he asked.

I felt tears slip from my eyes.

"Louis we... Broke up," I said crying.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry," Louis said.

He helped me inside of his house and I sat down on his chair and Neha came in.

"Hi Neha" I said.

"Hey Leigh. I heard are you ok?"

I nodded. "Yea but we just need time."

She sighed and sat next to me.

"You will ok babe don't worry."

I smiled."thanks Neha"

Nialls POV

I was sitting down thinking about Leigh. I felt so bad that her and like broke up.

I heard my door Bell and I got up and answered.

"Oh my god..."



lol well you like it.

Who do you think that dad is.

Who was at Nialls door.

Will Leigh and like be together again.

Should there be a sequel

Comment your thoughts


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