Baby i would (1D and 5SOS)

Leigh-Anne was just a normal 20 year old girl living in the UK. But that was the thing. She's not, after Luke Hemmings flirts with her at her job. Does she fall for him. Or does she fall for another Irish lad who she meets on the 5SOS and 1D tour.

-rated like u would say about +14 but hey YOLO-


2. chapter 2

I sat down in my bed texting Luke. It was kinda interesting. I found out he was famous.... I didn't believe him at first but then I looked him up and now I love his band.

My phone beeped.

1Unread message from: Luke

"Hay wanna see our concert tonight"

I smiled. "Yeah totally"

I slipped on my shoes and got into my car.

Once I arrived I couldn't believe how big it was.

The guards let me through. And I kindly thanked them and walked in backstage.

"LUKE!!" A boy with pink hair said. "Your girlfriend is here!"

I blushed. "He's not really my boyfriend,"

He nodded. "You well your a pretty one."

I smiled and walked in deeper to only run into someone.

I sat on the ground rubbing my head.

"OH I'm so sorry." I heard someone say.

I looked up and saw a boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a white shirt that said "Crazy Mofos" on it and skinny jeans.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you," I laughed.

"I'm Niall, Niall Horan and your are...." He asked holding out his hand.

"My name is Leigh-Anne," I said proudly.

"Well someone's eager. I got to go. I'll see ya around Leigh-Anne,"

I smiled and dusted my pants off.

I felt two hands cover my eyes and I smiled.

"Guess who,"

"Oh don't tell me... Santa?"

He laughed and I turned around.

"I haven't seen you in forever." He exclaimed embracing me into a tight hug.

"I know. I know. I miss you loads," I said. I know I had just met him. But it felt like I have known his forever.

"So I see you met Niall,"

I nodded. "Yeah I ran into him,"

He smiled. "Well I have to go on stage Leigh. I'll see you in 30 minutes ya?"

I nodded and he pecked my cheek.

Time to watch the show.


So there's Niall!!

Yeah are you freaking out too.

LUV ya all that's reading. I hope your liking it.

If you wanna be in the book I only have a few spots open.

Mikey's GF (from 5SOS)

Calums GF

Ashton's GF

That's 5SOS

And for 1D

Zayns GF

Liam's GF


Harry's Gf

If you want to be in the story comment

Name and just stuff about you

(Hair color, personality, ex..."


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