A girl named Kelcy is obssessed with cutting. She gets bullied everyday by the way she looks and her personality. Then she meets Jacob. Will he change her addiction, or will she not listen to him and keep cutting...


7. Party

Scarlet, Jason, Jacob, and I are going to the big party tonight @ the football players. Scarlet is excitef to finally meet Jason and Jacob. THe guys show up first wearing their varsity jackets. Scarlet walks in and her jaw drops when she sees Jason.

" Scarlet, Scarlet!"

" What?" she says still staring at Jason.

" Stop staring at him!"

" Why, he is just so cute?"

I scoff and walk upstaris to grab my jacket. Jacob walks quietly up the stairs and walks into my room and grabs my waist. I jump and turn around and now Jacob and I are super close.

" You could've used my jacket," he whispers in my ear.

"Then u would'nt have one!"

" You're are more important."

He pulls me into a quick kiss.

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