A girl named Kelcy is obssessed with cutting. She gets bullied everyday by the way she looks and her personality. Then she meets Jacob. Will he change her addiction, or will she not listen to him and keep cutting...


5. Dreams

Jacob drops me off at home and drives his ford away. For some reason I felt sad that he left already. I walk into the house and go to the bathroom. I look for my cure and of course my mom hid it somewhere. I didnt feel like looking for it so I jump on my bed and text my cousin Scarlet. She doesnt like the idea of the cutting situation but, she doesnt stop me.

 Hi wat up?

Y r u outta school so early?

An incident happened


Gtg in school text me late bye


Now im really lonely. So I sit on my bed and take a little nap before my parents get home.

" Kelcy, Kelcy, come join us Kelcy."

I wake up and im sweating so bad. It was all just a bad dream....

I walk downstairs and I see a shadow of a small creature. I grab a knife and walk towards it.....


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