A girl named Kelcy is obssessed with cutting. She gets bullied everyday by the way she looks and her personality. Then she meets Jacob. Will he change her addiction, or will she not listen to him and keep cutting...


1. Nightmare

I come home and scream and cry. I run to the bathroom looking for my cure... the razor. I dont like doing this but it just helps me for some reason. I start with the wrists and blood drips on my fingertips and into the sink. my mom beats on the door cuz she knows what im doing. She has called the police a few times cuz she thought that i tryed to commit sucide. I cut my ankles along with my neck. My mom finally gets the door open and runs in and takes away mr razor and flushes it down the toilet. I sream and cry and look for another. My mom takes me and holds me in her arms. I feel safe now that I did an hour ago when i had just left school.

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