Echo -Complete-

Picture after picture I take and you're there. Not really but on the camera screen.
You're in my dreams. Your touch sends me away yet I've never met you.
Kiss me again. Make me feel alive in my reverie.
Who are you?
If I feel this way in my dreams, why would I ever wake up?

***This story is based off the book 'Elixir' by Hillary Duff. I will not/do not copy word for word nor do I steal the whole concept. If you've read that book and you see similarities, this is the reason why.


3. My guilty fantasies.

“I need an action picture of sorts, Mason. I always do monuments or landscapes.”

He rubbed his chin with his long fingers. “There’s Carnival in Rio going on right now.”

“Oh my…Yes! That’s a definite yes.”

“Raven’s not coming right?” I couldn’t help but notice the sudden hope in his voice.

I slowly shook my head, a bit confused. “No, her mom is keeping her sane by grounding her…literally.

His light chuckle softened my mood.

“Brazil it is then.”


“Okay so let’s go through your checklist” my mom suggested. She was helping me pack for Rio tomorrow.

“Clothes, camera, toiletries, snacks, computer, camera.”

“You said camera twice” she added.

I rolled my eyes at her, “You can never be too sure.”

I took a deep breath and exhaled.

My mom came to me and ran her fingers through my black curls, something I’ve always found soothing.

“Mason is accompanying you on this trip?”

I nodded. She knew that.

“For a week and a half?”


“Are you guys…safe?”

“Oh my gosh mom!”

“A mother needs to know!”

“Mason and I are friends, always will be. What made you think we were more?” I stare at her wide eyed.

“I don’t know” she shrugged, “he seems very fond of you and you guys are always in that room of yours.”

“Oh please, mom, Mason is a friend” I put a stress on friend.

She rolled her eyes, “Well, for any occasion, I packed a few…items for you” she winked.

My eyes went wide and my face flushed. Why is she so blunt?


She held up her hands in defense as she exited my room.

I searched for my phone to check the time.

1:48 pm

I decide to call Raven.

“Janae! It’s been a while girl, where’ve you been?”

I narrowed my eyes, knowing she couldn’t necessarily see me. “You called yesterday” I stated.

“Yeah…yesterday. Anyway, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to call you now because I won’t be able to tomorrow.”

“And why not?!”

“I’ll be on the plane nearly the entire day and the time difference will be awkward.”

“So I can’t talk to you for over a week?!”

“You can silly! Once I get everything situated I’ll call you, okay?”


“Now you better treat me like one of your foreign dudes and talk to me on the phone for hours” I tease.

“Oh shut up!”


The plane ride is long and boring. I have trouble falling asleep. Mason is softly snoring beside me and I have the urge to take a picture of him. Too bad my camera is locked away.

I eat more of my grapes that the flight attendant so graciously gave me and take a sip of ginger ale.


I close my eyes and finally, after four hours, I fall asleep. Then the dreams come.

The room was red, which matched the robe I wore. I sat in front of a mirror trying to rid of my stage make up.

There was a knock on the door. Three fast then two slow. The signal.

I excitedly jogged to the door and unlocked it, being sure not to make a sound. I went back to my seat, trying to act calm as possible.

“Come in” I said.

I heard the door creak open and our eyes locked in the mirror. We’d been together for a year now and he still makes me melt. He was beautiful.

He had a scar on his jaw, as if he’d rustled it years ago. And even though he was young, he still had thin lines in the corner of his eyes when he smiled.

“What took you so long? I was worried” he asked.

I was going to snap but gazing as I turned in my seat, he was smiling.

He was teasing me.

“You’re so bad.”

“Oh but you were so good.”

“You liked it?”

“Hamlet has never had a better Ophelia.”

“In nearly three hundred years? I’m not sure your judgment is qualified.”

“Oh I’m pretty sure it is.”

I gave him my smallest of smiles, as I hated mine.

“You know I think your smile is perfect, Emaline.”

I blushed, he knew I hated my smile.

“You’re so convinced you’re not good enough but you are to me."

I blinked back my tears. He always knew what to say.

“You don’t understand that you ARE perfect. More than perfect really. Your little flaws is what makes you so unique. That’s what the people love and what I love too.”

I tried to find a different subject because my cheeks were becoming the color of my robe.

I nodded to the bouquet of roses on my dresser then the irises in his hand. “Roses and irises?”

“I didn’t send those.”

“No? The note says ‘From Your Biggest Fan.’”

“I know you prefer irises.” He took the roses out the vase and replaced them with the irises, managing to cut himself with the thorns. He dropped them.

“Are you okay?”

“Just thorns.”

Several small gashes were on his palm, the blood growing out of them.

“I’ll get a cloth.”

“No, I’m fine.”

I pulled one out of the drawer, “Give me your hand.”

“Emaline, I’m fine.”

“Give me it.”

He did and it was clean. I frowned. “What the...?”

“The bleeding stopped.”

“You were cut pretty bad.”

“They were small.”

“The blood was all over your hand.” I pressed my thumb into his palm hoping to see some sort of blood pool. Nothing.

“Are you trying to make me bleed?” he joked, “I’m fine, better than that. Well, I could be…”

Still holding my hand he sank to one knee and pulled out a small box from his pocket.


He opened it to reveal a delicate diamond ring.

He looked up at me with loving eyes. “Will you marry me, Emaline?”

Tears fell down my face.

His eyes then pooled with concern.

“Yes. Yes I’ll marry you!”

He said nothing. He smiled, stood on his feet and scooped me into his arms. I screamed, laughed, cried. I was overjoyed…

I gasped awake by the turbulence of the plane.

These dreams are getting more realistic by the occurrence.

Raven told me to not worry about them. That he’d be a stranger if I didn’t fantasize about him and to have a good night’s fun.

I tried to avoid them, but ever since the first one, they kept coming.

Every time I closed my eyes, I fell into another love chapter with this guy.

Except I wasn’t really me.

I was Jasmine, or Emaline, or Caroline, or Olivia. Always one of those four. They felt less like dreams and more like flings back in time.

First I hated it and now I’d purposefully fall asleep just to feel his touch.

I was Olivia in Renaissance in Italy, trying to water color the man I loved and his best friend Gianni. They were horrible models. They kept laughing.

Other nights I was in a time period a hundred years later as Caroline. Rural England, racing horses through the countryside, the man from the pictures pushing his horse to keep up with me.

Sometimes I’m Emaline who took me to France’s nineteenth century or Jasmine who swept me to Prohibition-era Chicago.

Now after these days I don’t feel irritated about the dreams. I look forward to them. The more I spent time with him, the more I fell for him.

The dreams were impossible to resist.

My top flows in the wind as Mason and I walk the streets of Rio. My tight jeans just a bit too tight and whit sandals to die for. Of course my camera strap is resting on my shoulder. Can’t go anywhere without my baby!

“This is great!” Mason exclaims over the loud street music. I nod my head with a wide smile as I snap a few pictures.

Mason points in the direction of the beach. “Let’s go over there.”

He grabs me by the wrist and I stumble behind him. We make it to the beach where people parade around, clapping to the music. Mason grabs my hands and playfully sways me side to side to go along with the music. With my shoes by our sides, we dance. I laugh up at him.

Minutes pass and exhaustion sweeps over me but he and I still saunter around.

I love Carnival!

I hang onto him a bit more around the shoulders to keep my balance.

I looked into his eyes and paused when I saw something change in them. He gazed at me almost…adoringly. I slid my thumb over his cheek. I swallowed.

“You know I care about you Janae.” His pale blue eyes shone of emotion from his words.

I opened my mouth to say something when a few people dancing around bumped into us, completely separating us by the parade.

I lost him.

“Janae” I hear him call my name but I can’t see him.

“Mason” I call back.

“Jay!” His voice is becoming clearer now. I search around the crowd for him only to completely lose my breath when my eyes lock on someone else’s.

I blink a few times, my mouth gaped open.

No way.

They guy…from the pictures, the dreams, the fantasies!

He looks at me in complete shock, and then runs down the beach and into the nearby woods.

I stay frozen for a while, still hearing Mason call my name.

Suddenly all sense kicks in and I run after the guy.


A/N: Ouhh....Next chapter you find out which boy the story is actually about. I'm pretty excited about that. Any guesses on who it might be?

Oh and shout out to Zoe M. I was thinking about you earlier during Spanish class...those days :)

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