Echo -Complete-

Picture after picture I take and you're there. Not really but on the camera screen.
You're in my dreams. Your touch sends me away yet I've never met you.
Kiss me again. Make me feel alive in my reverie.
Who are you?
If I feel this way in my dreams, why would I ever wake up?

***This story is based off the book 'Elixir' by Hillary Duff. I will not/do not copy word for word nor do I steal the whole concept. If you've read that book and you see similarities, this is the reason why.


10. Caroline

"Are you ready for the next?"

"The next what?" Mason asked.

"The next life" Zayn mumbled, his head hanging low. 

"We're ready" I answered for us all. We gathered hands again, me being less hesitant.

I closed my eyes and got ready for what I was about to see.

I was brought to the country side where two people were riding horses. Those two people being Zayn and, being the time period, Caroline. Her horse was far more ahead than his.

"Come on Zayn, keep up!" she laughed. "This is certainly not fair!" "Don't complain. I'm just better at this than you are." He made his horse go faster so that they were both going at the same pace. She nodded toward a nearby tree and rode to it while he followed.

The hopped off of their horses and settled down with their backs against the trunk. 

"You want to eat here?" he asked.

"That is why we are here Zayn" she giggled. She brought out some sort of meat and put it between two pieces of bread, a makeshift sandwich. She gave it to Zayn with a nervous smile on her face.

"Mother helped me prepare it." She anxiously watched as he bit into it. "Do you like it?"

He nodded while he chewed and swallowed.

"I'm glad. She says that I need kitchen manners know." He sighed,"Do you know who your father has betrothed you with?"

"No, and that makes me angry. He said it will make us rich and our town as well but what about my happiness? How could he send me off to a stranger?"

"I wish your family wasn't of nobility, then we could be together."

"I want that too, I really do."

"Maybe I can speak with your father..." he thought aloud.

"No, he knows of your class and will get suspicious. It's dangerous."

He nodded in agreement and thought of some other options. "Do you know when all of this is happening?"

She looked away from him, ashamed. "Tomorrow" she whispered.

"How long have you known that? Were you just going to let me watch the girl I'm in love with marry another man?"

She looked into his eyes while hers were glistening.

 "Were you even going to tell me?"

She shook her head, "No."

He fumed, looking down at the ground below him. "...because I'm leaving" she added.

He gazed at her in confusion, "What? You can't leave, like you said that's dangerous. Where would you go?"

"With you."

" you can't." "And why not?" "I...I don't live the life you deserve."

She looked at the sky above her, seeing it darken with the fall season. "I can try." "Caroline..."

"Take me back to the stables." "Look, if you're upset ab-" "I just want to go."

He stood and helped her up as well, their picnic not lasting as long as she wanted. The got onto their horses and rode back in silence. Once at the stables, Caroline put the horses away with a sad gleam in her eyes.

Zayn stepped in front of her and tilted her head up to look at him. "What are you thinking about?"

"About how this could be my last night with you" she mumbled. "Don't think like that." "But it's true Zayn. I'll move away and never see you again." "Not true." "You know it is. Here..." she said and took off her iris charm necklace and laid it in his hand. "I'm gonna miss you so much" she cried.

"Then let's make the night memorable" he whispered and pressed his lips against hers.

The scene changed to a group of people gathered around a burning stake. The thing that got to me was that it was Caroline burning on that stake. I wanted to cry out.

Margot must of read my mind because the picture changed to Zayn hidden behind a tree. His back was turned from the scene and every feature on him was etched with hurt. His eyes looked glazed over and his eyebrows scrunched in pain. His hand clenched around a necklace. Her necklace that seemed to be missing from around her neck.

There was another overview of the crowd but one face was brought to my attention.


A man came to him and whispered, "I'm sorry for your brides infidelity, Joshua."

He looked up at the burning Caroline, her screams gut wrenching, and shook his head.

"Me too."

I gasped and pulled my hands out of their grasps, the vision disappearing. 

"Oh god..." I muttered. I looked to my right at Mason, he had tears welling up in his eyes. "That wasn't you Mason" I whispered reassuringly. He shook his head and sniffled.

I took a glance at Zayn and saw him biting his lips. "She was pregnant" he mumbled.

"Yes she was. Baring Zayn's child if I recall correctly" Margot added.

"That's horrible." My voice cracked from impending tears.

"Her mother was happy for her, thinking it was Joshua's, but he knew otherwise. He told the towns council."

"They burned her" Zayn bit out.

"Yes, a saddening day in her families life." "You were there?" I asked.

She nodded, "I played as he aunt her whole life but her parents knew my true form."

"I'm sorry."

"It was bound to happen. There's always that one being causing their deaths" she said, staring at Mason.

I gasped.

His eyes widened, "Me?"

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