Echo -Complete-

Picture after picture I take and you're there. Not really but on the camera screen.
You're in my dreams. Your touch sends me away yet I've never met you.
Kiss me again. Make me feel alive in my reverie.
Who are you?
If I feel this way in my dreams, why would I ever wake up?

***This story is based off the book 'Elixir' by Hillary Duff. I will not/do not copy word for word nor do I steal the whole concept. If you've read that book and you see similarities, this is the reason why.


6. Brave

Leaving out of the bathroom was a task. I kept grabbing and letting go of the knob, debating if I should face this or not. I eventually came to my senses and left back into the lounging room where Mason was ogling all of Zayn’s pictures.

“You alright, you were in there a while?” Zayn’s voice was heard from close behind me. “I’m fine…” I did my best to try and hide my fear.

Mason, being the oblivious one, said, “Janae, have you seen these?! He has the original painting of Paradise Lost.”

I’m sure he does, he probably knew them personally.

“He must’ve spent a lot of money online” I said instead.

We soon left out of his oversized tree house and I felt like I could breathe again. We were on our way home, my home. I kept close to Mason as Zayn led us the way to the airport.

Had Zayn and I been reincarnated to end up with each other every time?

How could I have been four different women while he was just…Zayn?

This was so stupid. I hated thinking too hard. Was he some sort of beast, creature, or spirit?

Could spirits bleed? I’ve seen him bleed, but then again, it had just vanished right before my eyes.

Smaller doses can sure any disease…it has incredible healing powers.

The conversation about the Elixir was first thing to come to mind.

Does it exist? Had Zayn had some? Enough for youth to last 500 years?

When we got to the airport I tried to act something close to normal.

I’ve barely said two words to Zayn since the discovery of his ‘art room’.

“How are we supposed to call for someone to pick us up from JFK if we don’t have our phones?” Mason asks.

“I can call from a payphone?” I quipped. “Who?” “Raven.”

Mason sighed, “Alright.”

I paced to a payphone with purpose. I put in some quarters and dialed her number.

“Hello?” she answered in a soft seductive voice. She always does that, thinking the unknown caller would be one of her international romances.

“It’s me.”

“Oh, hey Jay! I’ve been calling you. What’s up?”

“I lost my phone” I lied, “Everything’s fine.”

“How fine” she playfully asked, “Did you meet someone and get swept off your feet?”

I unconsciously glanced at Zayn. “I did meet someone…”

“I want to know every detail!”

“It’s a long story.”

“I have nothing but time.”

“It’s complicated. Anyway, Mason and I are in a bit of a predicament. Can you pick us up from JFK? It might be crazy but there might be people following us and…it’s just bad.”

“Of course. Be careful.”

I hung up with a sigh. That’s what I need. Girl talk.

I was quite despising my 12 hour trip ahead.

Landing in JFK had to be the best moment ever. Zayn and Mason sat next to each other and giggled and joked like school girls.

You could say they bonded. -.-

While they talked it gave me to time to think even more.

Even with my recent fears of Zayn, I felt drawn to him. Like he was meant to be in my life.

I don’t know why I feel this way if he’s killed me in the past. Was he haunted because every women that he loved, died.

Was I going to die too?

I believed him when he said he didn’t know about my pictures. He said he never seen me before the beach. How could he have been in my pictures?

This made my head hurt.

Walking out of our gate and seeing Raven was like a breath of fresh air.

“Janae!” she squealed, running to me and wrapping me in her arms. I hugged her hard.

She pulled away and saw Zayn. She gaped.

“Is this your predicament?” she whispered to me, “I so approve.”

I rolled my eyes. “Raven this is Zayn. Zayn, Raven.”

They exchanged their hellos and began walking in front of Mason and I.

“They make a cute couple” Mason told me. I responded with a ‘Hmm’ trying to ignore the pang in my chest.

Going home and seeing mom made me happy. I really missed her. When her eyes set on Zayn her eyes nearly bulged out of her head.

I got some things and Mason wrote notes about this ‘Dark Lady’ Zayn spoke about.

Raven was taking us back to JFK and the drive from there to here was pretty long so we knew the drive back would be long as well.

Raven drove us fairly close there and we got a hotel for the night. Mostly for Raven’s sake. She was sad that she couldn’t go with us. We were going to Tokyo for goodness sake. Her favorite shopping centeral. I felt real bad about it.

It was awkward picking room when Mason and Zayn barely knew each other but it was no way I wasn’t sharing a room with Raven.

As soon as the boys left to their room Raven went all googly eyed.

“What’s the deal with Hottie Dreamguy.”

“Zayn?” I laughed.

She gave me a pointed look, “Yes, Zayn. He’s the one right. The one from your dreams? He’s real and here! This has to be some sort of fate. Does he kiss better in person than in your dreams.”

I shrugged, “I wouldn’t know.”

“What’s holding you back?”

“The whole, popping up in my pictures, doesn’t bother you?”


“How about being a serial killer?”


I told her everything. My nightmares and what I’d seen in his house.

“Oh my…Janae.”


“No! This is perfect!”


“Call me crazy but…this is a connection Jay!”

“Raven” I groaned.

“Listen to what you said! He found you in four different centuries. Out of all the people in the world, he found you.”

“He said he wasn’t in my pictures.”

“Yes he was! Your souls are connected. It’s always with you. You’re soul mates. SO romantic.”

“No…no no no. It’s not! It’s sick.”

“Can’t you just accept it and be happy?”

I flopped down on my bed with a sigh.

“I just…I don’t know. Mason thinks he’s iffy too.”

“Of course Mason says that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“He’s in love with you! I’ve been saying that forever.”

“And I’ve been ignoring you forever because it’s not true.”

She looked at me sternly.

“Mason is a brother to me. That’s gross.”

“I want you to do me a favor” Raven said.


“For the rest of the night, don’t think. Just do. Do what you feel makes sense. Do what you WANT to do.”

“I’ll try.”


“We’ll have a movie night. I’ll call the boys to come over and watch a movie.”

The boys came shortly after. Mason boasted about whatever game was happening on the TV. I wasn’t interested. Zayn sat next to me on my bed while Mason and Raven sat on the other just talking. I was quiet, thinking just like Raven didn’t want me to do.

Stop it, Janae.

Mason was telling us all a story and his expressive face was making me smile. He’s been my friend for a while and my feelings toward him never really grew. Except for a split second in Rio. I could love Mason but I can’t just force myself upon that.

Then I felt my gaze travel to Zayn and saw that he was already watching me. I shied away with tinged cheeks.

After Masons vigorous talking Raven spoke up.

“Movie time!”

“Snacks?” I suggested, already reaching for her keys. She snatched them away. “Nuh-uh, I’ll get them. You always get the crap twizzlers anyway.” “Twizzlers are good!”

“Says your dying taste buds. Come on Mason, help me get the candy.”

“I rather stay.”

“Well that’s too bad isn’t it?”

He sighed and reluctantly left with Raven. She sneakily winked at me before shutting the door. That bitch.

 “She did that on purpose” Zayn mumbled. I was a bit surprised he was actually talking.

“Yeah, she’s a bit…persistent.”

“At what?” he laughed. It was a warm sound that made me smile. I doubt he laughed very often.

I shook my head, “Nothing.”

The air was getting thick. I knew things about Zayn and they kept me on edge. I needed to splash water on my face or something. “I-I should go and change.” Why did I say that out loud? I’m so humiliating.

I began to scoot off the bed when Zayn grabbed my wrist. I gulped. Was he gonna…gonna…um.

I looked at him with confusion and fear dancing in my eyes but when I looked into his, I saw sincerity.


He loosened his grip and shook his head. “Never mind.”

I turned and crawled up the bed and plopped myself next to him. “Tell me.”

“No…you might think I’m crazy.”

I bravely took his hand in mine and entwined our fingers. “You seem bothered…” My voice was breathy and dazed with the intimate touch that we were sharing.

His big welcoming eyes drew me in.

A shiver ran through me. I found myself moving closer to his foreign warmth.

“Are you cold?” His voice was so inviting and vibrated through me.

I turned my head and tilted my head to look in his eyes. “No I…I was just…uh…”

I was shocked to a stop when his rough calloused fingers came in contact with my over warm cheek.

Leaning into his touch, I found myself getting lost in his round eyes.

Out of bravery and the words that Raven told me ringing through my head, I kissed him.

The all too familiar feel of his lips nearly made me sob. His taste, oh my god, his taste.

The grasp I had on the back of his neck became harder as his lips moved against mine, emitting a groan.

He moved over me, settling between my legs as my hands moved to his hair. My back was pressed to the headboard and he was on his knees in front of me with my thighs laying over his thighs while he pressed his kiss harder into mine. So desperate.

I pulled away, panting, and my lips continually brushing against his. “How did you find me…us”

“You know.”

I nodded.

The pain written in his eyes made me see him in a new light. He’s hurt. His loved ones have died and he is alone.

I brushed my fingers down his stubble cheek.

“But how?” he asked.

“I have dreams…

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