Save you tonight



1. escaping and flashback

Jess' pov-

"JESS GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE NOW!!!!" My dad yelled from the top of the stairs

Hi my name is Jess I'm 13 years old and my adoptive parents seemed nice until one day my 'mom' left and my dad started to drink an take drugs. He hit me and burned me with the stove. One day he came home drunk and raped me.


"OOOOH JESS! COME TO MY ROOM REAL QUICK!" He yelled with a stumbling voice

"Y-Yes" I stammered

"Give me some pleasure and take off your clothes!" He said

"N-N-No, I-I don't feel comfortable doing that" I stammered again

Right then he grabbed what looked like a cloth and put it over my mouth. I woke up and hour later with my wrists and ankles tied to the bed with no clothes on...NO CLOTES ON?!?!?!

A couple minutes later my 'dad' came in and was butt naked. He got on top of me.

"GET OFF ME DAVE PLEASE" I yelled. The he smacked me and told me to call him dad

~Flashback ends~

I was running towards the fronts door with my small bag and my guitar, music speaks to me in some way. Dave ran down the stairs and tripped, when he fell I was out the door that's when I heard sirens so I ran.

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