Angel Among Us

"I wish you would just consider me your guardian angel but I understand why you don't want me to be." He yelled out of frustration. "I mean look at me! I'm covered in tattoos and piercings, angels aren't supposed to be covered with those!"

"Angels don't always have that perfect outward appearance. Some can be covered in tattoos and piercings, that doesn't change what's on the inside." I said softly to him, my fingers tracing his jawline to try and calm him down. His green eyes softened, as my fingers ran across his skin. He leaned into my hand and closed his eyes when my hand went to his cheek. His left hand gripped my wrist as I rubbed circles on his skin. "You are my guardian angel, don't ever think that you aren't."


1. One

Megan's POV


I walked back out to the moving truck to get another box out, to move it inside. Quickly I grabbed the first box I saw and tilted it to see 'Alec's room' written in black sharpie across the side. Hoisting it up into my arms, I walked up the walkway to my new house, to the open front door and then immediately to the stairs where I headed upstairs and placed the box in front of my big brothers door. My fist collided with the hard wood paneling of the door, knocking on it. I repetitively knocked on it until he answered.

"What do you want Meg?" He asked, leaning his right arm against the door frame, shifting all his weight there. I pointed towards the brown object that was on the floor beside me.

"Brought you another box."

"Oh thanks." He said and bent down to pick it up. "How much more is left?"

"Not too much, mum and I have gotten then majority of it. We should be completely settled in by tonight."

"Great! Tell mum I'll be down in a few to help unpack the rest of the boxes, I just have to put a few more things away."

"Alright I'll be sure to tell her." I said before he gave me a small smile and slammed the door in my face. Typical brother.

"LOVE YOU TOO!" I yelled at his door and he just laughed before mumbling an 'I love you' back. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms over my chest as I walked down the stairs then headed towards the living room where my mum was hanging a picture up above the fireplace.

"Hey mum, is there anything else in the truck?" I asked which sort of startled her because she nearly dropped the picture in her hands. She turned around to look at me, her light blue eyes piercing through my dull green ones.

"I don't know but you may want to go check, just to be sure."

"Ok oh and Alec will be down in a few to help unpack the rest of the boxes." I called over my shoulder as I walked out the front door to the truck to still see a few boxes sitting in the far back. I sighed as I got into the truck to retrieve a box or two, depending on how heavy they are. Surprisingly they weren't that heavy so I stacked one on top of another and carried them out of the truck. I'll just let Alec get the last box since he's been in his room this entire time. As I was reaching up to close the door half-way, someone on the other side of the street had caught my eye. I reached up and placed my hand over my eyes to shield them from the sun's harsh rays so I could get a better look at them. It's a he and he has brown curly hair that's pushed up in the front, and tattoos that were covering both arms and from what I could see even part of his neck. He also had piercings on his lip, nose, and eyebrow. Hmm. He was just standing there, looking right at me with a smirk on his face. My eyes widened and I grabbed the boxes that I had pulled out and hurried inside.

I shut the door with my hip, then sat down the boxes to see Alec walking down the stairs. He saw me and gave a small smile.

"Are there any more boxes out there in the truck?" He asked, shoving his hands into his front pockets of his jeans.

"Yeah, there's actually one left. Do you mind going outside to get it?"

"Yeah no problem, be right back." He said before walking out of the house, leaving the door open.

"You forgot to shut the door!" I yelled out to him.

"I meant to do that!" He yelled back from the truck. I giggled and carried my boxes into the living room to see that mum had hung the picture and was starting to set up the television. "Need help mum?" I asked as I sat the boxes down.

"Yeah a little. Can you plug in the cable wire to the back of the Television and plug the power cord into the outlet? I need to go put some things away in the kitchen so I can get dinner started soon."

"Sure. You go ahead to the kitchen mum, I got it under control here and I'll have Alec help me if I need it."

"Alright dear, be careful and don't lift anything to heavy." She gave me a kiss on my forehead before walking out of the room. I did as I was told and put the cable wire into the back of the television and plugged the power cord into the nearest outlet, then sat down on the couch and turned on the t.v. to program it. Once it was all set up I began to flip through the channels to try and find something to watch but nothing seemed appealing to me so I settled with the news. I got up and went to a box, ripping the tape off the box, then opened it pulling out the objects inside which were a couple knick knacks and a few photos so I placed a few on the mantle and a couple on the coffee table.

"Mum where do you want the rest of these knick knacks to go?"

"Just place them wherever you think is best for them." She yelled from the kitchen. Alright then, I'll place a few on the television stand. As I was walking over to in front of the television the current story they were on caught my attention.

"Today after being in jail for three years for kidnapping and raping three girls, Harry Styles has been released." The Anchorman said. Then they showed a picture of him and he looked exactly like the guy...across the street. I blocked out the rest of what they were saying and focused on the picture. He lived across the street from me. A raper and kidnapper does. Holy shit.



Harry's POV

*earlier that day*

I sat in my jail cell looking at the white cement block wall in front of me, inspecting it. All the crevices where multiple inmates have tried to escape and the blood droplets from people punching the walls out of extreme anger. 

"Styles." A voice called to me, causing me to snap my head in that direction. Before me I saw the chief officer, Matt. His scowl on his face as he looked at me was a huge indicator that he absolutely hated my guts and I got to return the favor to him because I absolutely hate his guts as well. Ha. "You're free to go." He said, unlocking the cell door swinging it wide open so I could walk out. 

I pushed myself up off the hard mattress that was mine for the last few years and walked towards the jail cell's door. When I stopped to look at Matt, I patted his cheek a couple times, smirking. He had an agitated look on his face which delighted me. 

"Nice knowing ya." I said before walking past him towards the front of the massive building. 

"I'll see you again, Styles. I'm sure you'll do something to cause you to end up behind bars again, and when that day happens I'll be thrilled." He called out behind me. I chuckled.

"You keep hoping that Matty-Boy, but for now I'm free. Free as a fucking bird." I turned around to face him once more while walking backwards. I saluted him like a soldier would to his captain then pulled my hand away from my face and burst out laughing. 

"Yeah Styles!" An inmate called to me and I just smirked. 

"Can you get me out of here?" Another one called. 

"I love your work buddy." Someone else yelled to me. Everyone knows what I did that was so bad for me to end up in jail. Ah those were the good old days. Now apparently I have to 'quit my foolish acts' and 'give up my crime days' now that I was out of jail. But once a criminal or whatever you are always a criminal so I wasn't deserting this life style just yet, maybe even never. 

I walked up to the front desk and starred at the lady behind it until she looked up at me, taken back a bit to know that I was out and standing right there in front of her. "I'm here to sign out and leave." I told her, folding my arms on the desk. She just nodded her head and puled out a clipboard, handing it to me along with a pen. I took the pen and signed my name quickly before slamming it down onto the wood, walking towards the main door. The sound of a buzzer indicated that the main door was now unlocked and was free to go. Free to roam wherever I pleased and do what ever I want. I can get back to work and no one I mean no one can stop me.


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