Grace's Secret

Grace was 14. She had her whole life ahead of her. She couldn't wait to start 9th grade. Over spring break, she took a vacation. She blamed herself for the whole incident. The car flipping. The blood. The screams. She never looked at herself the same way ever again.


1. The Pain.

"Guess who?" Evangeline said. Grace knew who it was. She knew it was Evangeline and she was wearing her black skinny jeans with three holes and her purple Asking Alexandria shirt with a grey Walmart hoodie and blue Vans. Grace knew this because she was physic. She never had to read books. She knew the endings. She never had to study She knew the answers. She decided to choose someone Evangeline hated.

"Umm, Hillary Duff?" asked Grace.

"What? no!" Evangeline screeched.

'Haha!" Grace said.

"Hey, I heard that's some new kid everyone drooling over that came from New York." Grace wondered why someone would transfer from New York to the smallest town Dry Ville.

"yeah? well its not like he'd fall for me.' Grace said even though she new it was false. Grace had long wavy hair with light blue eyes and she was pretty tall for her age. Ever since her parents died in a car crash, she never acted normal. She got sent to special place to help her overcome her sadness but she didn't want to overcome it. In fact, she didn't even care. She knew if she wouldn't talk, people would eventually stop caring. That's exactly what happened. She always threw her hair into a ponytail, cranked up her music, and threw her oversized hoodie on. no one paid attention to her anyways, and that's how she liked it.


As Grace walked into her first hour, everyone whispered, but she was used to it. The Omg what is she wearing kind of things. She didn't care. She cranked up her music and sat back waiting for the second bell to ring for her next hour. Someone walked in. She couldn't notice but she knew it was a guy. She felt a tension. A tension she just couldn't explain. She looked up to see his face. wow. Those dark green eyes. That curved jaw line. His perfect model nose looked like a Calven Klein model.

"Hey." He said.

"Hi." Grace replied and decided to stop herself before she cared to much.

 "Omg! Did you guys hear about that new kid  Chad? He's something!" said Layne at lunch, Grace's other bestfriend.

"Yeah, he talked to me in first hour."

"well, you better stop yourself. Evangeline already called dibs. sad, I know." Layne called. It's not like she cared. he was just another boy that disappear into the cool group that never meant good.

Evangeline showed up finally.

"hey, where ya been?" layne called.

"Detention." said. " I called mrs. pickens a fishface."

"that's my girl." He smiled.

"so, I called dibs on Chad. Have you seen that jaw line?' Evangeline proclaimd as she took off the wrapping of her pink frosted sugar cookies.

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