The Immortal One.

Scarlettes life has change drastically the past year and has been sent to a reform school where she meets 'him'. This is a Punk Harry Styles fan fic. Please read. Updates will be every couple of days. Please share the story around too!! Thanks!
Much love.


10. The Immortal One. 10

Chapter 10. 

-long chapter-

*Scar's POV*

It was the day after Harry and I had our picnik by the river. He just left me there feeling like an idiot. But his back. It wasn't normal. The bumps. Almost like... Scars. What from? I didn't dare try to ask him. I haven't spoken to him since he ran off. I needed to find out what happened to cause such horrific things. 
English. Drama. Plays. Harry. Shit. I had planned to not speak to him completely for the rest of my time here. I skipped breakfast. I was too confused and tired to eat anything. 

Half an hour past since the breaky bell rang and now the class bell rang. Time to confront Harry about the previous nights encounter. I didn't care what he thought of me... I just wanted the truth. I told him about my past. About Tom. I walked to Ms Daniels English room where I expected Harry to be the first one there. I expected correctly. The only one in the room. He was sitting in our usual spot, in the back left corner, looking out the window to the river he ditched me at last night. I confidently walked over to the desks but my confidence weakened as I noticed something. More tattoos. More piercings. He looked so much different from the night before. I shook it off and continued my confident stride. I slammed my books on the desk and sat down. I wanted him to notice me. I was about to confront him but Ms Daniels had walked in at that moment.
"Scarlette. Harry. Ready for today's drama work?"
"Yeah. Of course." I chimed politely to her, but aiming to be a smart ass towards Harry. The room was soon full of students. 
"Okay class. Get into your partners and start rehursing. This is one of your last lessons so use time wisely!"
The class started to chatter, rehursing their plays. Harry and I sat in silence. Not moving. I had written down all of my lines in my excersize book, which I took out from under the pile on my desk and flicked to the page with my lines on it. I had completely forgotten that Harry had graffitied that page with cute little pictures, flowers and... Hearts. Tears stung my eyes. I couldn't cry here. I slammed the book shut and ran out of the classroom. I heard muttering and my name down the corridor but one distinctive voice over all. Not Ms Daniels calling after me to come back to class. Not Diana or Danielle or Perrie or Elenaor calling what's wrong. But Harry's. His voice sounded sincere. But I didn't care. He was the reason I ran. Harry was hot on my tail, I could see him in my peripheral vision. I didn't stop though. Tears streamed out of my eyes.
"Scarlette. Wait. What's wrong?"
"Go away." I yelled after me.
It was a waste of breath as he kept running after me. By now I was running back to my dorm block. Almost at the door, Harry's hand had reached out and grabbed mine.
I tried to pull away but his grip was too firm on me. He pulled me over, away from the doors and behind the building. I kept trying to squirm away from his grip but he had me pinned against the wall. His hips digging into mine. I yelped as he push hard to keep me still.
"Stop Harry. Get off me. You're hurting me." I cried
"Why'd you run off?" He said calmly
"Because of you. Everything reminds me of you. Last night you left me there. After I told you everything. You ran off, without me knowing what I had done. It hurt. It really did. And I... I just can't be around you anymore Harry. You're bad news."
"That's not the only reason Scarlette. I know it. I know you're lying." 
This side of Harry was scaring me immensely but it still didnt stop me from saying what I was about to say.
"Tell me!" He yelled pushing his whole body into me. Our faces only a couple inches away. I could feel his hot breath on my neck.
" because... Because... I'm scared that I'm falling for you."

There. It was out. I told Harry how I felt about him. He laughed to himself. Easing up slightly but not completely.
"What?" I asked curiously
"You can't fall for me Scarlette. You're right. I am bad news. Especially for someone like you." He finally eased all the way. We were now half an arms distance away.
"What's that supposed to mean? Someone like you?" 
"We can't be together Scarlette. Things.. They'd be way too complicated if we were together. I wish they weren't though."
"Wait. What? What are you trying to say Harry?"
His mood seemed to switch so suddenly from caring and sincere to violent and angry to once again sincere then to.
"God. Scarlette can't you see... I am in love with you."
I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. He... Loved me. Inside I went all mooshy. It was a great feeling but the outside begged to differ. I stood there frozen. I didn't know what to say. He moved closer to me still in a fustraited mood. He grabbed my hand once again and started walking back over to the English room building. 
"I'm not going back to english Harry. Not now at least." 
"We're not going back to English. I'm taking you somewhere I can show you why we can't be together." 
His paced quickened, I almost had to jog to keep up. 
Once again we were back at the river bank. Walking towards the bridge I knew where we were going. Into the forest. Yes it was day time but it still didnt make a difference. It was dark inside the forest. I tried to dig my heels into the sand to stop him from dragging me there but he kept pulling showing now sign of a struggle. I jumped to a stop and Harry abruptly stopped as well.
"I'm not going in there Harry. I won't walk there with you."  I stood my ground and showed him who was boss but it made no difference. He was really angry now. The veins in his neck were slightly visible. Without saying a word he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.
"Hey!! Put me down right now!"
I started kicking but it made now difference once again. I gave up. He could over power me any day. The bridge rocked as he walked over it, me still on his shoulder. The foot of the forest smelt damp an musty. I wanted to be sick. There was a small incline before what I believed was the top of the forest land. Trees smothered the land. Nothing was visible from the end of the bridge back. Well from what I saw from my upside down view. He made his way up the incline and within a few minutes we were at the very top. It was surprisingly open. There was a giant patch of the land that was not occupied by any trees at all. That's where Harry put me down. I finally got the blood away from my head and flowing around my body. I felt less dizzy and more relaxed.
"What the hell was that Harry! What the hell do you think you're doing huh?" I said this while pushing his chest.
He shook his head and laughed.
"Again with the laughter. What is so fu...." Before I finished my sentence his lips had smashed on mine, intending for me to shut up. 
I bit his tongue and pulled away.
He held his mouth and looked up at me with dark eyes. 
"What are we doing here?" I asked to break the tension.
"I need you to see me for what I truly am. I need you to see why we can never be together. I'm doing this to protect you."
He moved close to me cupping my cheek in his hand pulling my view from the forest floor to his eyes. 
He backed away and stood right in the very middle of the peak, his face towards me. He pulled his singlet over the top of his head and threw it to the side. His stomach was now covered in more tattoos than the night before too. A butterfly. In the middle stood out the most.  Our gaze met for a moment then he looked to the sky. Nothing happened, but before I could think anything else, a bright white light shone down straight on him. It was almost blinding but somehow bearable. I watch as Harry stood there with his muscle flexing, his face straining. His shoulders arched forward and back again. I fell back in shock. This can't be real. The light slowly faded and went away. He shook his head and brang it back down to me. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought multiple times that I was dreaming, that I hit my head when I fell, something like that but it was all real. I even pinched myself to make sure of it. I found my legs and stood up. I walked towards him. Both silent. I stood infront of him. Admiring what was now infront of me. 
"Now you know." He said sadly looking at the ground
" I don't care Harry. This... This can't possibly stop us from being together. It doesn't make sence. I want to be with you Harry. No matter what. I.. I love you.." His head slowly rose at my words. A smile formed on his face but soon fell.
"It's not just that Scarlette. They won't allow it.. They never have. They won't start now."
"Who won't allow it?" I asked confused. 
"The Gods." He replied not breaking eye contact. 
"I still don't care." I couldn't take it anymore. My arms wrapped around his neck and our lips met. 
My hands trailed down his back again. They were soft and plush, beautiful to touch. We broke away and rested our foreheads together. I took in my surroundings. The trees in this area where actually quite amazayn. I hadn't really noticed them until now. I also hadn't realized how truly beautiful Harry was. How truly beautiful he really was. 



How truly beautiful his wings were.


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