The Immortal One.

Scarlettes life has change drastically the past year and has been sent to a reform school where she meets 'him'. This is a Punk Harry Styles fan fic. Please read. Updates will be every couple of days. Please share the story around too!! Thanks!
Much love.


1. The Immortal One. 1

Chapter 1;

*Scarlette's (Scar) POV*

The car trip was long, painful and silent. Mum and Dad sitting in the front, occassionally sharing a glance with each other, then with me. I know my behavior had detiriorated since Tom died but if anything it'd improved from the first 6 months. The reform school was the best option in my parents eyes, but in mine it wasn't. It's just like a boarding school, but with juvenile kids and high security. The sun had set and the darkness had  made the trips awkwardness even worse. This "break" away from everything was for the best anyway. Leaving it all behind and having a clean start would be good. There was a final steep decent before we reched the large cemetery looking gates leading to my future. The next 3 years of my life. Automatic lights activated as the tyre drove next to the sensor. Along with the lights, a screen lit up on a pole next to the drivers window. A middle aged woman appeared and started to speak. 
"Hello, you must me the Evan's. I'm Evelyn, the head director here at Red Field Reform. If you just drive through and park on your left." Her little plump face disappeared and the screen went blank. A loud buzzer sounded and the gates started to open. Dad drove through and parked on the left as instructed. The lawns lit up as we walked towards the front doors where we were met by Evelyn, who was holding a large bundle of keys which I assumed had all of the bulidings doors key as well as possibly having my dorm key. Dad placed my large suitcase on the the small concrete platform infront of Evelyn while she explained how everything worked and ran around the school. We then procided into the foyer where I had to leave my bag for security checking. We had a tour around the main parts of the building like the assembly hall, front office, gymnasium, classrooms and the cafeteria. It was meal time which meant that the entire school was in there eating dinner. Evelyn pushed through the doors with a thud making me shutter as the sound echoed around the small space we were in. Hundreds of pairs of eyes darted in my direction, but out of the hundred one in particular pair caught my attention. A boy. With a brown curls, 2 lip piercings, a few tattoos and the brightest green eyes I'd ever seen, sitting at a lonely table at the back by himself. We had caught each others gaze and continued to stare until my attention was drawn back to Evelyn who had asked me for my thoughts on the school so far. I smiled weakly and said what I thought. 
"It's certainly different, but I guess most things that a while to get used to." 
She returned my smile and turned back out the door. I looked back at the spot where 'he' was sitting but he was gone. I couldn't see him anywhere. Where did he go? How did he go? There was no other exit that I could see. How could someone of his appearance just leave and no one notice?

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