Our Moment

You’re watching me like a hawk. Your eyes burn into my mine, melting us together. The stars above are bright, but because I’m with you it’s like the galaxies have burst into a million different colours. You radiate danger, but to me you make my heart race. Harry Edward Styles, this is our moment.


1. Happy

Reuben's P.O.V:

I stood in the commentary box, staring out at the stadium. There was a sea of dark blue and red and moron, all the fans out supporting their favourite team. The Sydney Roosters, or the Manly Sea Eagles. The atmosphere was already sky high; the crowd was in a continuous roar. Typical grand final night.

I’ve been to every NRL Grand Final since we were born. It’s because of dad. You see, he’s Wally Lewis. One of the greatest and most well-known rugby league players in Australia’s history. He retired from the game when we were just two years old, and ever since he’s been a sports commentator. That’s why I’ve came every year. Because dad’s commentating.

But this year’s is extra special for me. So special that my actor brother, Lincoln, flew all the way over from Los Angeles just to be here.

Since I was about seven, my goal in life has always been the same. I’ve always wanted to be a singer, to be able to get up on stage and perform for thousands of people. And make poeople smile. After I finished high school last year I moved straight down to Sydney from Brisbane (where we were born and grew up) in hope of scoring a record deal, somehow. As well as myself, Dad and Lincoln were tweeting about us and publicising my covers on YouTube a lot.

And I think that’s how I managed to get signed so quickly. Because of them. Two months. Within two months of moving to Sydney, I was offered a record deal with Sony Music.

My debut single, “Roar”, was released a little over a month ago. And it went massive. It shot straight to #1 on the Aria Charts, where it still is for its fifth consecutive week. And it went #1 in 32 other countries including New Zealand, the UK, all through Europe… it’s just a dream to us.

So tonight there’s two acts performing pre kick-off. There’s us… and there’s One Direction. To think that we’re singing alongside the biggest band out there, it doesn’t feel like a reality. We’ve always been huge fans of those boys, and to think that we’re actually going to be meeting them, it’s so hard to comprehend.

We’re so unbelievably nervous for this performance. Not only are we singing for One Direction, all the footy players, all the commentators and people that we grew up around, and the capacity crowd of 83,500. We’re also performing for the millions and millions of people watching at from home across Australia.

And I only just thought about it, but knowing One Direction fans, the Directioners, there’d be teenage girls live streaming their performance from all over the world. See, we’re on before One Direction, and because their fans wouldn’t want to miss a single second of their angelic voices, they’d be streaming it even before they’re on.. so they’ll all see us too.

So in other words… WE CAN’T FUCK UP.

“Ladies,” we heard our manager behind us, Ben. We’re so close to him; he’s almost like our second dad. We turned around to face him, and he couldn’t wipe the biggest grin I’ve ever seen him have, off his face. “I didn’t think this night could get any better for you girls… but it just did.”

“What are you talking about?” Sav asked, us completely confused. I honestly had no clue what could make me happier and more elated than I already am.

“You girls aren’t going to be believe this…” he trailed off, tears in his eyes. It must be pretty bloody good.

“Ben, just spit it out!” Bronte exclaimed. “You’re killing us here! What is it?” I added.

“Well,” Ben begun, heavily exhaling. “I just got a phone call.”

“Whoopty-do,” Sav stole the words right out of my mouth.

“You won’t be saying that when I tell you who was on the other end,” he said. Okay, now we were interested. “That… that was Rob Stringer.”

Now there were tears in my eyes. I looked left and right at my sisters and realised they were going to well up too.

“He’s- he’s the CEO of C- Columbia R- Records… isn’t he?!” I stuttered, barely able to speak.

Ben nodded his head. Because I think that’s all he could do. He was getting so emotional… and so were we. “I’m so proud of you girls…,” he started. “He wants to sign you!”


A/N: You may have noticed that the debut single is named 'Burn'. I'm kind of channeling this girl group as having a rather unique sound, similar to Ellie Goulding. Except, obviously, as a group. Because I absolutely love Ellie Goulding. :3 So I imagine the debut single sounding a little like Ellie Goulding's 'Burn'. (:

Your comments, likes and favourites would be greatly appreciated !! Much love, Soph :) xx

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