The Story of My Terrible Life

Hi. My name is Ella and if you dare mention Harry Styles to me then i will scream. i HATE him. he ruined my life and if you want to know why... here is the story of my terrible life.....


1. Ella's reasons

Chapter 1: Ella's reasons

Hi. My Name is Ella.

Do not mention Harry Styles to me. EVER.

i HATE him.

"Why?" you ask?

well let me think....

reason 1) he bullied me

reason 2) he fake dated me

reason 3) he pranked me

reason 4) he bet money that he could get me to fall for him

reason 5) he got me to

reason 6) he left me

reason 7) he came back for the same bet as before

and the last reason... 8) he made me fall for it all over again and left me AGAIN



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