Niall's Love Story

Brittany and Niall live so many miles away from each other, Brittany knows Niall but Niall does not know Brittany is on the planet. What will happen when Brittany and Niall meet? Will they become close? Will Love happen between the two?


3. The Concert

Chapter 3:

(At The Concert)

Niall’s POV

          When the boys and I got to the arena we could see the line to get in, they were still standing outside the door waiting to get in to find their seats. This was a sold out show. I hope we see the girl whose first concert is us so we can see how she liked it.

Brittany’s POV

          When we got to the arena, the line was huge to get inside. At least we have front row, my seat is right in the middle of the stage, while my friends are on both sides of me.

          When we got inside we found our seat really quickly and sat down and waiting for 5SoS to come on. The first song they played was Heartbreak Girl, I love this song.

          When they were done the lights dimmed and the Take Me Home video was played on the screen. Then we heard the music to Kiss you being played and we all started screaming. I was singing along to every word they sang. Niall solo was coming on and he walked my way and winked at me. I think I went to heaven right then and there.

Niall’s POV

          When 5SoS was on stage I was backstage watching them and looking out to the crowd, then I saw the girl whose first concert this was and she was smiling so big and looked like she was having a blast. When it was our turn and we were playing Kiss you I walked up to her and winked and she blushed. After we finished Kiss you we started Nobody Compares and this time when I walked up to her I gave her a note.

Brittany’s POV

          When they started Nobody Compares Niall walked up to me again but he gave me a note this time. I opened it when he was on the other side of the stage. It said:

I hope you are enjoying your first concert and I am really happy that we are your first concert. I wanted to know if you would meet me after the show in the hallway after everyone is gone? I want to ask you what you thought. Well I hope to see you after the show
                   Niall xx

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