The z-

It'sJoshua's senior year at Baltimore Lutheran, and finals are over. He got rejected by Towson because his over all grade on the final was a z-. But can the a+ he got on the mid-term save him


5. Waiting to find out

Now Joshua, his parents, teacher(s), and Towson wait anxiously for the results.

It's now been 3 months 9 weeks and 5 days since josh took his finals. The company contacted them saying " we are extremely sorry for the delay, we have been taking care if collage senior finals and woking thought some technical difficulties, we are doing our best to fix these problems as fast as possible. Thank you for your patience. The finales company of America. "

Now it is late June, he took the finals in early April, the results have just come in. He won't dare look, but the parents and teachers do, they don't say a word to him about the grade. They wouldn't dare tell him he got a Z-

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