The z-

It'sJoshua's senior year at Baltimore Lutheran, and finals are over. He got rejected by Towson because his over all grade on the final was a z-. But can the a+ he got on the mid-term save him


1. Prepping For The Finals

It was 3 months before the finals, the students had to start studying. Joshua was doing great on re-views in class. His friends started a rumour that he was the study-hlac. Every time they had a drill in class he would be the first to raise his hand, even before the teacher would finish asking the question.

However at home he wasn't doing so good. Every time his mom would ask him a question he would get it wrong. His parents were aware of the fact he was getting every answer right

They decided to inform/alert his teacher(s). His teacher(s) were so astonished when his parents told them. Even working together with is teacher(s)/parents, his parents/teacher(s) couldn't figure out what was going on/wrong

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