Why Can't They Hear Me?

Tatum Perez was just a regular girl....until she was in a car crash when she was 6 and became deaf. This is the story of a courageous young girl who goes through an amazing journey.


2. My Miserable Life

                It has been nine years since the accident. Sounds died in that car crash along with my parents. The doctors said I was lucky to be alive. I learned sign language shortly after that. It was fairly easy since I already knew how to read and write. There was one thing that was not easy though; trying to forget. 

               I moved to my uncle's in New Orleans once he heard what had happened. He was my only living relative. It's terrible because of my triplet cousins, Tiffany, Tommy, and Taylor. Tommy is the only one who was nice to me. I have to share a room with Taylor, so when I'm sleeping, she plays pranks on me like the classic whip cream on my hand joke. Or the hand in water prank. I've grown used to these petty things. Tiffany constantly get's me in trouble with Uncle Ted, telling him that I'm ripping up her homework and setting fire to it. I admit I did do this once, but only once! Uncle Ted enrolled me in a regular high school recently, to get me out of the house more. There aren't any deaf schools in our area and the closest one is a 7 hour drive. The first day is tomorrow, and I'm super nervous. I have a translator too. She's gonna have to follow me everywhere and sign things to me as people say them. Then I sign to her my reply and she says it to them.

<><><><><><><><><><>Skipping to Tomorrow (First Day of School)<><><><><><><><><><>

               BUZZ!BUZZ! BUZZ! SLAP! I pull my stinging had back after slapping my vibrating and flashing alarm clock. I shake the pain off and get out of bed. Hmm..... What should I wear....

After a while I decide on black and white-starred skinny jeans, a black batman shirt with lace sleeves, and black combat boots with spiked toes. I looked outside and saw the fierce wind, so I grabbed my black Pierce the Veil pull-over. I run down the stairs, grab Uncle Ted's phone and text the translator to meet at the school, and gave her the address. I grab an apple from the fruit bowl and head towards that door, but right as I reach the handle I feel a hand grab my other wrist. I turn around to see the ugly, make-up filled face of Tiffany. Her name describes her perfectly. A stuck-up, barbie bitch. {Sorry to all Tiffany's} I see her mouth move and am able to understand a few words, like "Better......make me.....bad.....school...kill....make....life miserable. Understand?" I nod my head and turn back towards the door. I open it and start walking to the bus stop. It's a long walk so to distract myself I look at the beautiful scenery of New Orleans. My walk take me right through Jackson Square to see all of the Tarot Card and Palm Readers setting up their tables. I look at the fence around the actual square with the statue of Andrew Jackson on a horse in it. There are already a bunch of paintings being hung up all over the fence. I stop to look at one that catches my eye. It's a skeleton drowning in what looks like alchohol. I find the painting interesting and write a note to the man selling it to keep it for me after school. He smiles and nods.

                I finish walking to the stop and get on the bus, handing the driver my slip explaining everything. He nods and closes the door behind me. I look around the bus for an empty seat and find one all the way in the back. I start walking there when he starts the bus. I become very unbalanced and fall onto one of the seats.

                  "So-rry" I try to choke out. I just know my voice sounds weird. I can't hear it, but I just know. I'm not used to talking. I see the guy I landed on mouth move and then he pushes me off of him. I continue walking to the back seat and fall into it probably very gracefully (sarcasm). I put in my headphones and turn the volume up all the way. I feel the vibrations of the music start and nod my head to the drums in the background. Already, this has started as a GREAT morning....can only get better right?




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