Why Can't They Hear Me?

Tatum Perez was just a regular girl....until she was in a car crash when she was 6 and became deaf. This is the story of a courageous young girl who goes through an amazing journey.


1. Background Information


Hey guys this is just a little background info on what happened to Tatum.


 "Mommy? Can I have my lollipop?" my 6 year-old self asked my mom.

 "No honey, not until dinner," my black haired, green-eyed mother replied.

 "When's dinner mommy?"

 "Not for a while honey," she laughed looking at my father who was driving.

 We were on our way home after visiting my cousins in New Orleans and going home to down town Atlanta; a six hour drive with no traffic. It was just after Thanksgiving so the highway was pretty packed, making the trip longer. We had just gotten past the busiest part and were passing a joint in the road, where an exit joined with the major highway. I heard a honk and turned in my carseat; I saw a car driving towards us at full speed.

 "Mommy!!" I scream at her. I saw her turn around and try to grab the wheel and turn the car away from the incoming car. I had yelled to late though and the car hit us. The car flipped and turned so many times. I screamed the entire way, and when we finally stopped, the car was on it's side. I heard a whiing noise. I saw people come running and saw someone trying to unbuckle my car seat.

 I was knocked unconcious and didn't remember anything until waking up in the hospital with a wrap around my head. I saw the doctor come in; I saw his mouth move, but ll I heard was a whining noise. I shook my head, hoping he would understand, but it only hurt my head more. I started crying, but I couldn't hear my cries. I saw him call some nurses and rush over to my bed. I kept crying and pointing at my ears, hoping they would understand. When they finally did, I had stopped crying, they wrote down that I should nod my head when I heard a noise. I saw them clap in by my ears.

 I heard nothing.


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