don't believe in everything they say.

"sometimes the ones you love the most turn out to be the ones most broken" I explained, closing my eyes and hoping the tears don't start falling.

"but i can fix you" Colton pleaded.

"Colton you don't understand, I'm too broken to be fixed" I exhaled.

Little did I know that's just how it started.


1. prologue.



Mondays suck.

but then again so does the rest of the week.

every days the same, I wake up, I go to work, I'm still broken and I can't be fixed and I sleep.

ever since that night I just can't, I just can't get over it.

maybe love isn't meant for me? 

maybe I'm supposed to be alone and pathetic.

but this boy Colton, he thinks different.

he thinks he can fix my brokenness and make me whole again.

haha id like to see him try.

but I mean what if he can?

should I let him in?

he might help me?

i don't know.

i suppose we'll have to find out.


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