"Inside" is about a kid who has a double life and is stuck in a love triangle. She doesnt know what to do and in the end she reveals a huge secret no one was supposed to know...


1. That Night

             I was always a shy girl when it came to preforming in front of people. I guess it was because they knew exactly who I was. On Halloween night I would wear masks so no one could see my face and that's when I would go and sing in front of people. Iv'e always wanted to be a singer. It just seems so much fun, being famous, rich and being able to inspire people to follow their dreams. My natural hair color is blonde but iv'e always wanted jet black hair. My eye color is like a golden yellow. My mom died a couple years ago, before I became a superstar. It was her dream to see me grow up and live my superstar life. My name is Jace Storm but my stage name is Clarice Withers. I'm fifteen and I go to Hollywood High School. I live in Hollywood, California. I have a younger sister, Kathrine or Katie. She doesn't know i'm a superstar. She can't keep any secrets so I couldn't tell her I was Clarice. My dad, he's the only parent I have left.

             I was supposed to meet up with some band. One Direction. It sounds like they're calling themselves Perfection. We were going to create a song together. They used to be one of my favorite bands they still are but now that i'm meeting them as a famous person it just doesn't feel right. After school that day I went home changed into my clothes and my wig. My dad said I had to meet One Direction at seven o'clock, it was now six thirty. I already had everything I needed ready for me to go. Soon it was seven and my dad stuck me in the limo and told the driver to Harry Styles house please. I was in a shock, I had assumed that we were going to meet in a studio. Shortly afer we got there my dad dropped me off and said he'd pick me up at twelve thiry. When I rang the door bell Harry opened the door and literally pulled me in. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry were all staring at me in amazment. I asked them why they were staring at me like like. Their reply was a question. They asked me which one of them I liked. I told them that I liked all of them but I knew they really meant which one did I want to date. I liked Liam alot but what about the other guys. And besides this was strictly buisness.

             My life right then and there had become very awkward. The next thing I knew I had Harry kissing me and Niall and Louis holding me down. Liam was trying to get them off me and Zayn was off who knows where. The boys stopped holding me down and walked off and Harry slowly backed away still holding onto my waist. Then out of know where we were kissing again and he was leading me upstairs. I couldn't help myself his lips were so soft and his touch was as if being smacked by an angel. Which would probaly be very gentle and soft. I could tell that Harry was trying to get me to do something I didn't want to do.  When we got to his bedroom he layed me down on his bed and sat there on top ofme still kissing me. Moving his hands down farther and farther until he reached my waist. I pulled away from his kiss and told him I wasn't ready. He understandly put his hands back around my neck and kissed me. That's when Zayn walked in looking for Harry and saw him on top ofme slowly closed the door and walked away. I then got up and walked away. I went down and into the living room where all the boys were sitting except for Harry. Niall asked so you and Harry had... I told him never in a million years and that I liked someone else.

             Niall asked who and I said I wasn't going to say anything until we preformed the song. A few moments after that conversation I got a text from my dad saying that my sister was in the emergency room and that she was in a car with her friends mom and they got hit by a drunk driver. He told me that I couldn't stay home alone so I had to ask one of the boys to take me home so I could get clothes for tommorrow. He told me to ask Harry if I could stay the night. I already knew Harry would say yes so I told my father it was alright. That night had been very weird. I slept in Harry's bedroom that night and the boys slept on the floor and couches in the living room.

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