School camp

Grace is going on school camp! She can hardly wait! Until she finds out who she is sharing a tent with...


4. Water 'fight' and the kiss

-Graces POV-


As I walked to the shower after a long afternoon of kayaking, I saw Madison hauling a ginormous bucket of water along. For a minute, I wondered why she was doing it, but then I remembered that she had had to work in the kitchens all day which really was a shame because the kayaking was so much fun. Then she spotted me staring at her. "Uh oh" I whispered and kept walking. But it didn't work. "Oy!" She yelled to me. "It's rude to stare!" "I'm was not staring I was looking" I replied. "Same thing." She said shrugging. "Where're you going anyways" "Showers" I answered, nodding my head in the direction of the building. "Oh your going to the showers?" She said. I nodded. "Then have one!" she growled tipping the whole bucket of water on top of my head and stormed away. I stood there, dripping wet until I felt warm hands slip around my waist and guide me back to my tent. I didn't even need to look to know who it was.


-Matthews POV-


I led Grace back to our tent and inside. I grabbed a blanket and draped it over her cold shivering body. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her hair. Then I walked in front of her, kneeled down and reached for the buttons of her shirt. "May I ?" I asked gently. She hesitated before nodding. I unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off, revealing her bra. I caught staring at me and looked into her eyes. Then I knew what she wanted. I leaned forward. Our lips touched...


A/N Sorry about the short chapters

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