School camp

Grace is going on school camp! She can hardly wait! Until she finds out who she is sharing a tent with...


6. 'Traitor!'

-Matthews POV-


As I was tidying up the tent after our swim, I heard the zip of the tent slide open. I thought it was just Grace back from the shower so, instead of turning around, I just said "Hey that was a quick shower!." She didn't reply. Instead she tapped my shoulder. I turned with a smile on my face which quickly faded as I saw who it was. Madison. Madison, just in a bra and underwear. Before I could stop her she grabbed the neck of my shirt and pushed her lips against mine. I tried to pull away but she just held me there. "No" I was screaming in my head as I heard the tent slide open once more. Madison held on for a few more seconds, then let go, pulled on her shirt and pants and left. Standing in the doorway with her mouth wide open, was Grace. "I'm so sorry..." I began but she cut me off. "Sorry?! You didn't look sorry while you were making out with Madison! I was wrong I should never have trusted you!" And with those finall words she grabbed her suitcase and left.


-Graces POV- 


I walked over to Alexias tent and knocked on the tent flap. Alexia opened the door and said "Hello I heard shouting next door. Was that you and Matthew?" "Um yeah it was and I was wondering if we could share cos we had a bit of a fight." "Oh sure! Come on in!" She replied.

I went inside the cosy two room tent. I set my things down. "So..." Said Alexia "Do you want to tell me why you swapped tents or should we leave that for later?" I sighed. Since she was about the only friend I had left I decided to tell her.



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