School camp

Grace is going on school camp! She can hardly wait! Until she finds out who she is sharing a tent with...


7. The last day

-Graces POV-


The next couple of days passed quickly and soon it would be time to get back on the bus and go home. The last day was a fun day so Alexia and I decided to go down to the lake and have a swim.

I lay down on a floating mattress and opened my book. I had been reading for about half an hour when suddenly the mattress tipped up on its side! Luckily I was able to hold my book up out of the water so it didn't get soaked. I heard laughter behind me and saw Madison and Amy giggling and whispering behind their hands. "Fucking bitches" I muttered. I started to wade over to the beach but Madison stopped me and said "How's your boyfriend going?" she smirked. "I don't hav-" I began but then my mouth fell open in shock. "YOU CAUSED THIS!!" I yelled slapping her on the cheek and quickly wading away. I had to find Matthew and apollogise.


-Matthews POV-


I thought she was gone. Gone forever. So I was very surprised when she walked up to me and kissed me. When she pulled away, she looked straight into my eyes and said "I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" I just smiled and kissed her in answer.

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