School camp

Grace is going on school camp! She can hardly wait! Until she finds out who she is sharing a tent with...


3. Dining hall drama

-Graces POV-


I was thinking about last night in the tent as I walked to the dining hall. It wasn't so bad after all. There is a little room at the back where I can get changed and Matthew won't disturb me.

I reached the dining hall, grabbed a tray, piled it with food and went over and sat with my friends and some girls from another school. "Hi guys" I said sitting down. I ate a mouthful of my breakfast, swallowed and looked up. "What?" I said to the girls who were all staring at me. "Who asked you to sit here?" Said a girl from the other school (Madison). "Um...these are my friends" I replied. "No they aren't they are my friends and you know what else?! I think your the ugliest b***** on camp" I stared at her, tears welling in my eyes.


-Matthews POV-


"...I think your the ugliest b***** on camp!" I whirled around at these words. I saw who was getting bullied. Grace. "Don't talk to her like that you filthy rat!" I yelled, striding over to their table. Teachers started pouring out of doors and I told them exactly what I had heard. Then I went over and put my arm around Grace who had tears streaming down her face. 

"It's all right" I said quietly. "It's all right."


I was happy to hear that Madison had to work in the kitchens all day, but I sort of owe her because she has brought me and Grace closer.

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