Better Than Words...<3

[This is the forth story of Diana<3 so please read the other three first. It goes in this order: Diana<3, Hearts Entangled<3, Frozen, and then This one] The final year of Highschool is here, and boy is it full of surprises. Diana has finally given in to Louis but is still battling the feelings she's having for Harry. Now if that wasn't hard enough let's throw in a familiar face that will cause the most distress of all. How will Diana cope with her heart being pulled in so many directions? Will any of them be able to save her from herself? Or will everything come back to haunt her? Read(:


20. Graduation.

*June 6th Graduation day*

Diana's POV:

I combed my hair back into a ponytail and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked down at my arms. The faded marks seemed to be barely visible now. I smiled at I slid bracelets on both of my arms. I put earrings on and then spun silly around in my dress. 

It was a simple dress but I found it very cute. I heard a cough by my door. I turned around to see my brother all dressed up smiling at me. I smiled at him and walked over to him.

"Your boyfriend is waiting for you downstairs. If I were you I'd hurry up before mom takes so many pictures of him that he becomes blind." Mathew laughed.

My eyes widened and I pushed past him running downstairs. I tripped on the last step but Niall caught me in his arms. He spun me around with a smile on his face. As he stopped I placed a sweet kiss on his lips which my mother happened to get a picture of. 

"Come on before we are late." My brother whined.

We all laughed and headed out the door to school. I put my cap and grown over my dress. Graduation was happening on the football field. Only because how many kids there were in the graduating class. I took my seat with the girls. Niall took his seat with the guys. As everything got going I started getting nervous. Joanna locked arms with me making my nerves go away. Then soon I heard my name being called. I smiled and walked up the stage. After everyone got their diploma the principal seemed to talk forever. Then the moment came and we all threw our capes up. After the ceremony I walked the halls in my dress looking at the walls. A part of me is going to miss it. I felt someone come up behind me and wrapped their arms around me. Before I knew it I was being spun around. After I felt my feet touching the ground I turned around to see Louis with a smug grin plastered on his face. Joanna was behind him. 

"What are you doing Di?" Jo asked.

"Just looking at the place. It's sad that we're done." I frowned.

"I thought you hated this place." Louis said with confusion in his voice. 

"I hate the people not the place." I corrected. 

He shook his head smiling at me. Jo grabbed his hand and leaned her head on his chest. He smiled and wrapped his arm around her. Then he bent down and kissed her cheek making her blush. I then felt someone wrapped their arm around my waist. I turned to see my handsome boyfriend smiling at me. I kissed his lips softly before taking his hand. We walked out of the school for the last time. It was a bitter sweet moment. 

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