Better Than Words...<3

[This is the forth story of Diana<3 so please read the other three first. It goes in this order: Diana<3, Hearts Entangled<3, Frozen, and then This one] The final year of Highschool is here, and boy is it full of surprises. Diana has finally given in to Louis but is still battling the feelings she's having for Harry. Now if that wasn't hard enough let's throw in a familiar face that will cause the most distress of all. How will Diana cope with her heart being pulled in so many directions? Will any of them be able to save her from herself? Or will everything come back to haunt her? Read(:


7. A/N

Heeeeey guys! 

Please go check out Something Great<3! It's my newest story! I really like how I started this one off and I would love your feed back! Plus if you comment your name on there or here it could pop up in that story!! Thanks guys and please keep reading this story also!!

~I love ya'll<3

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