My Brother's Best Friends ( Zayn Fan Fiction )

Izzy is just your normal 16 year old. Apart from the fact her brother is Harry Styles. She has 3 Best Friends Lauren, Jaydean and Karli who are crazy directioners. What happens when the 3 girls grow closer to the boys....? Read to find out what happens next...


3. truth or dare

after a few hours talking Louis decided to shut "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" " really louis " i said "mmhm" "fine" "Niall truth r dare?" "Dare" "I dare you and Karli to kiss full on !" and with that Niall leaned closer to karli and then they starting kissing "get a room" Zayn said playfully they stoped "ok ... now Izzy truth or dare ?" Nial asked "dare" "ok i dare you to snog zayn" "kk" i sat closer to zayn and flung my arms around his neck and we started to snog , our mouths moved so in time,  i slowly opened the barrier and his tongue slid in and explored my mouth . it felt so magical but then the kiss ended as Harry clapped in our ears. "i suppose im gonna go to bed" i said whist yawning " ill join ya" "night "


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