My Brother's Best Friends ( Zayn Fan Fiction )

Izzy is just your normal 16 year old. Apart from the fact her brother is Harry Styles. She has 3 Best Friends Lauren, Jaydean and Karli who are crazy directioners. What happens when the 3 girls grow closer to the boys....? Read to find out what happens next...


1. This is me

My name is Izzy, I have long curly red hair, green eyes and I am average height. I am your average teenage girl . I love my 3 best friends Lauren, Jaydean and Karli they are like my world. And I also love my family and my pets , we have 2 dogs and I have a hamster. Anyway, everything about me is normal apart from the fact that my brother is Harry Styles! 

I get that everyone thinks it would be awesome to have Harry Styles in your  family but it is far from it . Like the first day he came back from tour like seriously my parents barley even noticed me and when they did it was when they wanted me to do something for them like go get them a cup of tea and things like that. Don't get me wrong I love my brother but so does my best friend Lauren maybe because they are in a relationship, then Jaydean is out with Liam and Karli is out with Niall.

So that means that I am surrounded by couples because Louis' out with Eleanor, Harry's out with Lauren, Liam's out with Jaydean and Niall is out with Karli. But there seems to be one oher person who is single, Zayn. Zayn is like my guy best friend and we are ultra close. 



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