Nicolette's weird and wonderful life

Nicolette finds herself in a difficult situation and has a horrible moment with her parents. And wakes up to find one direction in her hospital room, they become good friends and have bums in the road along the way


1. The crash

Hi , my name is Nicolette and I love my life! I do not mean to boast or anything but right now I love my parents. They are taking me to Alton towers! Ever since I was younger I have wanted to go. My parents are called Lindsey and Joey. Our car was old but was not a bad car. I was putting my earrings in when a horn sounded from the car, I guessed that was a signal to get in. So i forgot my earrings and happily sat in the car.


The journey down was lovely my dad put in the Bastille album ( which was my favorite ). "bleep" I checked my phone, It was Chelsea. Chelsea was my best friend and always stuck by me. She looked similar to me. Long brown mousy hair, Blue eyes and skinny figure. We were the best of friends ever since primary school and I am 19 now. " Haii hows London" I looked and my phone and replied " Its cool, Missin U already!!!"


Before she could reply back I asked my dad how to spell miserable and he took his eyes off the road. "AHHHHHHH!!!!!" I screamed as we skidded down the motorway colliding with a red ford fiesta. The next thing I remembered was the faint sound of sirens. Was I dead? I couldn't lift anything.


The next thing I could see was a hospital. I was moving. What was I on? I fell asleep and the next time I woke up there was someone holding my hand, but it wasnt my parents.



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