Sleeping in the pyramid

Amelia works at the Jefresonian, a FBI murder haven when the body of her missing brother comes in. With a maze of Egypt and romance hidden behind his death Amelia has to solve his murder with James, her boyfriend, and John, the strange, mysterious new guy


4. What's happening

My ringtone starts. I'm bringing Booty back  "Really? that's still your ringtone? James laughs at me. I smack him and pull out my phone expecting it to be Jess. "Hello?" 

"Hey Lia" My heart stops "I'm just calling to ask you about later? You coming to the diner?" I clicked my phone onto speaker. "Lia? Are you there?" James turns from his work and stares at my phone for a second. "Oh well, maybe you butt answered me, you know answering with your butt instead of dialing with your butt" Whoever was on the phone laughed, it wasn't Bill's laugh. James leapt into action to track the address of the phone call. I just stood there frozen. "Anyway I hope you picked up my email and hopefully see you soon."

"Damn it!" James yelled as I collapsed to the floor. My phone fell from my fingers and bounced off the ground. Who was that? Bill was dead, we had his body next door. Did somebody force him to record that before they killed him? I heard Meg's shoes clip into the room. "What happened in here?" I close my eyes and force myself to stand up. 

"Bill called my phone, I mean the murderer called, he told me to meet him at the diner we used to go to as a kid." I stopped as it hit me. "Jess might of got the call, she may think that we misidentified the body. She might be on her way there now" 

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