The New Girl (ON HOLD)

Yoona is a 17 year old girl who just moved from South Korea to San Antonio, Texas. She is the new girl in the neighborhood, she lives next door to Harry Styles a boy whom she meets when his parents invite Yoona's parents over for a cup of tea. They start to talk and get to know each other better and start becoming friends, But when one of Harry's friends invites Yoona over for a party he knows something bad is going to happen. He goes over to the party and tries to save her from humiliation but he is to late, and Yoona becomes the laughingstock of the school she starts to dread going to school everyday. But she just feels like running away from everyone and everything that's until Harry starts to like her and feel something special between Yoona and him, He starts to confess his feelings for her until one of Yoona's past boyfriend comes to visit her and wants to get back together, she starts to forget about school and she starts to get into this crazy love triangle. Who do you think Yoona will choose?


7. Chapter 7

I kept running and running until I was out of school grounds. I stopped running so I could get a chance to catch my breath. As I was walking I started to get farther away from my school and neighborhood, I was headed to what looked like downtown. I started walking around and exploring the good and the bad parts of downtown.

It was starting to get close to the evening "7:00" I read to myself. I was starting to get tired and decided to find a place where I could sit down for a bit. I found bench and walked towards it and sat down, there was a club right next to the bench I was sitting at. The music was super loud and there were a couple of drunk people coming out of the club. "Hey there pretty lady" said one of the drunk guys "do u wanna come over to my place and we can talk there" he slurred getting closer to me.

The smell of the alcohol on his breath was really strong and yet revolting at the same time. I tried scooting away from him but that didn't work I told him off but that only made him intrigued by me. "Your coming with me" he said getting up and grabbing my arm and dragging me with him. I tried to shy away from his grip but it was no use and the only thing I could do was yell "HELP!". People just stared at me and shrugged it off. "Hey Marcus, let her go or I will call the police and tell them you sexually harassed her" said a woman's voice behind me.

The Marcus guy turned around with his mouth opened. "No please don't call the police I can't get in trouble with them again" he replied scared out of his mind. "Then I suggest you let her go and the police won't have to be involved with this" she answered calmly, Marcus did as he was told and left. "Thanks for saving me, right there" I said to the woman.

The woman who just saved me from Marcus had shoulder length black hair that was long in the front and short in the back. She had auburn brown eyes, small pink lips, and she was wearing a short black skirt, with a white sleeveless top that had straps, and black high heels to go with it. "My name is Monica" "Yoona" I answered back. "I could tell you were younger than 20 so that's why I saved you over there" "Anyways watcha doing over here in downtown in front of a club at 8:15?" She asked.

It was already passed eight? I thought to myself. "I don't even know myself, I was just walking to clear my head and I landed over here" I replied. "Are you going to head back home?" She asked me "About that...I actually don't know where I am and I'm still trying to figure my way around this city" I told her. "Well it's getting pretty late and it can get pretty dangerous at this time, so why don't you stay at my place for awhile till you can figure out where your house is" Monica suggested and lead me to her car.

When we arrived at her apartment building I wasn't sure if I should trust her. I didn't listen to my conscious and decided to stay with her for awhile. She sounded pretty nice and I was starting to feel sleep come over me.


Harry's P.O.V

"I haven't seen Yoona all day today" I told my mom. I wonder what happened to her? "Well Yoona's parents are worried sick about her, I talked to everyone I knew to go look for her" She answered washing the dishes. I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door "Where are you going?!" My mom asked worriedly "To go look for Yoona" I replied before closing the door. I can't just sit there expecting her to come back, because... what if she doesn't want to come back.


It's been 5 weeks since I left that day. I wonder if anyone's been worried about me or is trying to look for me. "Monica I'm going to take a walk" I tell her, when I leave the apartment complex I don't know exactly where I'm going. I see a cute little shop and go inside it, "Welcome to 'Holly's Vintage Closet' if there's anything you need just let me know" the lady greets me. I politely thank her and start browsing until my phone rings. An unfamiliar number pops up on the screen and I answer it. "Hello..." I say "Yoona!" yells Oh Ha Ni on the other line. "What's up?" I ask casually "What's up?!" She yells "What's up, is that your mom told me you haven't been home for 5 weeks! What's going on?" She asked scared and worried. I started to tell her about school and how I can't take it over there until I saw a tall figure with black, curly hair staring directly at me with those piercing green eyes. "Uh..Ha Ni I'll call you back later" I said ending the call and walking out the store, "Yoona, where have you been?" Harry simply asked. I was silent. "Yoona look at me" Harry said staring at me I decided to look down at my feet and stay silent.

Harry grabbed my arm and dragged me away from the store. "Let's go I'm taking you home" he said pulling me towards his car "I'm not going anywhere near that dreaded school or my house" I said not moving. "Yoona you can't stay here, downtown is really dangerous not only that everyone's been worried sick about you" he said trying to pull me and make me move. I still stayed put, after about 5 tries of Harry trying to move me he ended up getting frustrated and was fighting me to move.


I was sitting in Harry's car staring blankly out the windshield angry. Harry won the fight and somehow got me to get in his car. He took the car out of park and drove out of downtown towards our neighborhood we passed 'Brennan High School' I stared at with pure disgust and all the bad memories from that school floated into my mind. We reached my house, I quickly got out of the car and headed inside my house without saying 'Thank You' to Harry.

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